Saturday, 14 November 2009

..the world oldest blogger..

..was a woman...Olive Roy, of Woy Woy on NSW's central coast, Australia..who died on the 12th of July, 2008..she was 108..

..with her death, the world oldest blogger was Maria Amelia Lopez, from Spain..but she died this year on May 20th..she was 97..

..there is no record currently who is the oldest..

..that both were women does not surprise me at all...women had always been outlasting men..not just in the conjugal bed, but in many other ways if one would care to admit..but then it is in the very nature of women to outlast men..

..the term 'weaker sex' is a gross misnomer if ever there is may have the brawn..but the pliancy of steel is with women..and I know their threshold of withstanding pain is far superior than that of a man..they may shrieked at a pin-prick and cry over a bruise..but when it comes to real solid pain, they will grit their teeth and bear it...

..take childbirth, no, let's go back a few months earlier..take child-bearing..if a man has to carry for nine months and go through the pain of childbirth, then the pill would not be necessary..every family will only have one child..for I know I will not go through it again..say what you will..and I know I am speaking for the majority of matter how much we enjoy conceiving..

..imagine in the times of Julius Caesar..of those born not of a woman..when laughing gas was not yet discovered..

..even old coots sometime missed their mother...

May she be in one of Heaven's Garden..May her sins be forgiven..and may His Blessings pour upon her like unceasing rain..



hazeleyed said...

You go girl!
perasan pulak kita as a woman...
May be pakmat is gonna change the record eh?

Hazari. said... ?

pakmat said...

..nahh..pakmat only 64..65 coming march..Tun M and TGNA hold the record for Malaysia..maybe in 20 years time..thanks for the thought..

..yep..that's where pakmat got it..