Tuesday, 24 November 2009

..eels for soup..

..restoran An-Najah..

..we had eels-soup for supper last night..

..Wani's father, who was here to make arrangements for Wani's engagement ceremony, had a car-mishap two weeks ago in Bidor whilst on duty..the police Waja was pulped when he spun on hitting a puddle, rammed the divider and was rammed in turn by a tailing van.. he escaped with bruises and cuts...little shards of glass embedded in his arms...

..somebody recommended eels..to hasten healings for bruises and cuts...it heals external and internal wounds..rich in vitamins..and is also an aphrodisiac..

..the eels were gutted but not filleted..seems the cartilages(bones)
are in itself medicinal..Pakmat spitted it out..found
it too sharp for comfort, medicinal or not..

..hmm..also an aphrodisiac..pakmat pondered upon the thought..

..it has been sometimes since this coot has partaken eels..what with the vim and vigour taking a dip these days, perhaps the eels can perk it up, my vim and vigour...

..can either be taken with rice or dipped with bread..
..son and nephew preferred the rice..

..there are three known eels-soup restaurants in Bachok..there is one in Kubang Golok, another in Padang Melintang, and the most known, Sup Belut An-Najah, Bekelam, where we went..but all the three are popular with the night crowd and have their regular patrons...gentlemen, mostly..perhaps looking for cures to internal wounds...

..regular patrons of the restaurant..

..the lady who attended to us wore a full-face black hijab..adding intrigue to the soup, which was consumed with relish by pakmat, finding it hot and not too saltish..as to whether it works as an aphrodisiac, pakmat is not telling..try it and you be the judge..


nataliaku said...

i enjoy any food.. especially traditional food... my place in sabah.. i love to eat 'nasi lalap and mee basah'.. so tasty...

zX said...

tell la pakmat .. then i can try the next time i'm around bekelam hehehe