Sunday, 8 November 2009

..papers, hair colours, andropause..

..the only paper-stand in Bachok town.. cannot read the papers whilst having breakfast in Bachok..not if you, like me, have your breakfast at 7.30 in the morning..the papers will only hit the news stands by 8.30 in the morning, earliest...

..papers in Bachok are managed by the late Pak Wel's family..his children has taken over the business, helped by their mother, since his death more than four years ago..yes, there is only one news stand..and only about 10 copies of the English daily, the New Straits Times, are available and sold everyday..and I used to wonder who are these ten people..not having the time to sit by the stand and take note of who buys them..

..the likes of The Star or Malay Mail are seldom available..but all the Malay dailies are there..including Harakah..

..Chuan, the goldsmith, reads the New Straits Times.. he will normally buy his from Kota Bharu, knowing that the availability of the NST in Bachok is not reliable..and I will normally read his copy..after he have done and read it, in the afternoon, on completion of my daily errands..children fetched from school..lunch cooked.. or bought from Pak Ya's beach front restaurant..and the cats fed..

..on one such an afternoon, as I was engrossed with Alika Rahman's piece on Dr. Pornthip's hair colours, Chuan sauntered to me casual-like and said, "You know what's wrong with you?'

I shook my head without lifting my eyes from the paper..I have reached the part where it was claimed she had already performed 10,000 autopsies..that is enough autopsies (read, cutting opened dead bodies) to last a life-time..

'You are having andropause. In women it is menopause. But you, at your age, you are having andropause,' said the self-acclaimed health expert. 'That's why you are moody. Hot and cold. Tired. No energy. No libido.'

He left to attend to customers before I could think of a suitable reply..but what he said stuck to my mind.

..that night I googled it said that growing old is natural. Feeling old is optional..and the lack or decline of a hormone testosterone in men causes andropausal effect in men..

..much later, as I nestled for bed, I sighed a sigh of is a condition after all..and if women have their menopause..well, we men have our andropause..since it is only a condition, I can deal with it..


hani@debumelukut said...

heheheeh...nope, i am not going to say anything here...heheheee

stalenu said...

pakmat...Malaysia Cup MEMBOSANKAN!!!

hazeleyed said...

Ass-sala pak mat
why worry ? long as you are happy!' only a condition

Pak Man laksam said...

Pak Mat,
Ambo tak tahu bila Pok Wil tu meninggal.
Terima kasih atas info tersebut.

Justiffa said...

Jgn la grumpy mumpy pakmat, sian org sebelah tu ;)

God is infinitely fair.. HE gave both man & women the same chance at redemption & deliverance. menopause/andropause, dugaan terakhir di penghujung jalan.. to sink or swim, we decide :D

pakmat said...

cikgu hani..ok, don't say anything..mum's the word..

stalenu..hanya untuk penyokong kelate..bagi n9..membanggakan..

hazel..what? me worry? no...(gritting teeth)

pak man..anaknya Jehan menguruskan perniagaan.. more grumpy mumpy..I am gonna swim..thanks..

Uncle Lee said...

Ha ha ha, PakMat, you never fail to bring a smile or a guffaw to me pagi2 sini.
Andropause? First time saya bacha ni....hmmm, I better check that out.
Saya pun tak lama, I don't mean going downstairs or upstairs, ha ha.

Looks like you regular at Pak Ya's place Pantai Irama?
I'm just wondering whether its the food, the local coffee, or cik Salmah or cik Kathijah doing the serving?
Ha ha, just joke, joke.

I was mentioning to Loose Canon if Kelantan had won the Cup, PakMat would have let loose a double shot, shot gun salute from his trusty shotgun, ha ha.

Back to Andropause, kalu minum tu Tongkat Abu or Ali, boleh help slow or recharge the batteries?
Can't help smiling at the one store only selling papers.....nak beli empat ekor ada kedai?
Have a pleasant week, PakMat, Lee.