Monday, 16 November 2009 from everywhere..

..grilling sata..snack of fish paste mixed with coconut
and kesom leaves..3 sticks for a dollar..tasty when taken
hot and on the sand, as waves softly lapped the beach..

..a boy and his cat enjoying a snooze.. is Ayam, spayed and over weight..
boy is son, Akram, gaunt and under weight..

..sessions court, Kota Bharu..pakmat's day in court..
..civil claim for son hurt in a accident..

..Deepavali for a pair of sisters..saw this family enjoying
their Deepavali at Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation..
..aimed my phone at them..their parents smiled with
pride when I said, 'take care of your daughters,
they're pretty..'

..BIL's wife down with dengue..warded at HUSM,
Kubang Kerian....dengue is always a threat in Bachok..
...despite numerous campaigns
and home inspections by the vector division..

..Friday prayers at Masjid Langgar, Kota is a
two-storeyed mosque..Pakmat preferred the upper level..

..Pakpong, getting his once in a while bath..
..cats figured prominently in home..with feed
bought by the sacks..


..a birthday wish from my neighbour..both are
Heads of secondary schools in Bachok..husband is head of
a premier school..always busy and seldom seen..
..carrying out responsibilities that came with the job..

..the monsoon is here..Kota Bharu getting a bit
of rain..the domed building is the newly opened Parkson/Giant.. have to pay for their underground parking..
...unlike of preference for
this old man..where the shopping is relaxed...
..and place for prayers neat and roomy..

..Pantai Irama..getting some strong wind..

..even political posters are not strong enough to resist
the wind..there was a day when it was so strong,
it lifted my neighbours zinc and aluminium garage..
...felled a coconut-tree on another neighbour's kitchen..
..and lifted sarongs of unwary damsels crossing streets..

..niece Wani trying out her dress for engagement day
on the 2nd day of Aidil Adha..father is the traffic chief of Tanah Rata..
mother a police sargeant attached to the
Anti-Vice division, Brinchang..
..Wani's fiancee is also a cop, in Langkawi..
..and pakmat looking good..:)

..burial of SIL, wife of pakmat's elder brother, Johan....she died of
breast cancer..after a month hospitalised..may she rest
in peace..

..a fisherman back from weeks at sea..
enjoying a smoke and resting at the fish complex, Tok Bali..
..with the monsoon on, they rested more than they fished..
..Tok Bali is a favourite fishing spot for enthusiats..
..siakap and senagat, cousin of senagin, the catch..

..most of the pictures are taken with my trusty Sony-Ericsson that my children..ok, you or two are with my daughter's Nikon S230 that we gave for her 16th birthday..


pB said...

Salam Pak Mat

tak sabar nak balik Kota Bharu ...
makae daging kurbae
makae perut cicoh air asae ..

hu hu hu

yushida03 said...

pakmat, as always. succeeded in captivating simple moments and turning those into memorable, nostalgic scenes. bachok, we miss u.
Tq pakmat.

Pak Man laksam said...

Tenkiu Pak Mat.......hilang rindu ambo kepada Bachok.

Anonymous said...

Pak Mat, is that pantai Irama or is it pantai melawi? ...Was at pantai melawi (hujung jalan) last month.. look very similar , especially the Bachok's stretch.I'm more familiar with the one in Tumpat.


ps cannot blog , language is my worst subject.

pakmat said...

pulanglah wahai anak jati..yg merindui sedang menanti..but take care on the road..

yus03.. problem, yus03..balik nanti jengok pakmat..

pm laksam..
..hmm..rindu jugak..kan tak jauh maner..take care of that kebun..termasuk rupawan..

anon MFT..
..Pantai Irama, belakang restoran Pak Ya..pakmat lalu hampir hari-hari kut ni..hirup angin segar..

language has nothing do with it..and from what little you have written, pakmat observed that your command of it is above par..bloggers are not writers..they are bloggers..ppl who put down feelings and impressions on their own little stations in cyber space..revealing pieces of their heart..revealing what they should not be hiding in the first doing so they feel released..of pent up emotions..of looked to the past and set your own record straight..and if, along the way, ppl read your blog, it made you feel happy and satisfied..if by chance your blog touches others life, then it touches yours, too..for through blogging, you will come to term with pakmat blog, with your heart..touch my life with yours..

faraulah said...

Salam Pak Mat,

Serupo dengan Pak Man,
terubat rindu kat Bachok....huhu

pakmat said...

salam faraulah..
..nak balik rayo aji ke..kito jupo di kedai isteri saya..dan hati-hati dijalan raya..

Anonymous said...

Pak Mat

Your pictures manage to capture those simple idyllic life that I always associate with life in the East coast and small towns.

How I miss the beautiful scenery
and peaceful drive through the coastal road


pakmat said... take that drive, Ain, take that drive..from KL to Kuantan..stop by Telok Chempedak..pass by Berserah..on to Kemaman..enter Dungun and the side road to UITM, Dungun, past the golf course, follow the beach to old your air con and wind down your windows..get the sea breeze..later take a turn just before Kemasek..a beautiful beach with a cave awaits you..savour Batu Buruk Beach in Kuala Terengganu..onto Batu some food..and have it somewhere along the beaches as you past Fikri..Merang will captivate sata at Kuala at Tok Bali..and 15 minutes later you will be at Pantai Irama, Bachok..and if it is a Friday..just loose yourself in the night market..and pakmat will treat you to a glass of cool fresh coconut drink laced with ice cream..ahh..

Pak Zawi said...

Salam Pak Mat,
High time Pak Zawi to drive over to Bachok to meet Pak Mat for a cuppa.

faraulah said...

Pak Mat,

Raya Haji of Course keno kelik, kalo xkelik, gege "Big Boss" di rumah...InsyaAllah akan singgah di Pasar Bachok

Anonymous said...

Pak Mat that's the route that we took few years back,only we drove only up to K Terengganu

'off your air con and wind down your windows...get the sea breeze...'
'cool fresh coconut, drink laced with ice cream'

Ni jemputan yang tak boleh ditolak.
Tak de intention ke nak jadi travel writer and phoptgrapher?

The picture of the fisherman .. classic betul!


Shifu67 said...

pehh.... macam2 ada....