Saturday, 21 November 2009


..sometimes we should just let go and gives in to the mood..our humdrum routine should be broken..

..set up that dinner for two..light that candle and off the lights..and shoo the children out, or into some corner..

..pause a little..for the children have grown..and we are not getting any younger..take this time to discover again that sparkle in her eyes..and hear yet again that ring in her laughter..

..let the constant patter of rain on window sills and panes plays out a rhythm of love and romance..and be a soothing backdrop.. for an encounter of the intimate kind..

..for goose-pimples are made of these..

..and let Nat King Cole serenades ever so softly..with a caress and a kiss..

..and later...much later..listen to Dan Fogelberg..

..and relax..


wakparpu said...

wak minat mat jaih, lagu omputih ni ada juga sikit2....abba, air suply...

Shifu67 said...

musim hujan ni layan hindustan nyangkut gak.... hehehe

Anonymous said...

I like that line "later...much later.."

Sarah :D

pakmat said...

..thank you, Sarah..I love it, too..:)..cheers..