Sunday, 15 November 2009

..once upon a time..

..once upon a time there was a group of boys who made the streets of Kota Bharu their playground, and a shared passion for music the bond..their band was The Kilat, named after the club that sponsored them, National Electricity Board, or LLN, Lembaga Letrik Negara, as then it was known...

..the year was 1970 and they were all in the early twenties..carefree and footloose..without any concern for the future..theirs was a world that orbited around the streets of Kota Bharu, be it it nights..and Hoover Restaurant was the meeting place every evening after work..and every night after a brief return to homes for a change of clothes and a bath..

..inevitably they called themselves the Hoover Boys...Sal May, keyboardist and lead singer..Yu Soh, lead guitar..As Re, bass guitar..Jein, rhythm guitar..Ro Pa, drums..and Mat Cho May, hanger-on, arranger, organiser of parties and errand runner..

..Kota Bharu swings in the seventies..with several night-clubs that offered live music and live dance-girls..and they were the boys that provided the music, together with a few others..earning a living during the days as labourers and meter-readers and music makers during the nights..days for the money, nights for the love of music and for the money..

..yes, pakmat recalled those simple times..those irretrievable, foolish and carefree times of youth..the camaraderie that existed amongst them..and pakmat remembers them fondly..

..for we are all in our sixties out the balance of our lives, the best we could, as quietly as we could..whilst giving thanks to the One and the Almighty..for His Tidings..For His bounty..

..a song from the Sal May..


Lili said...

Salam Pakmat...

I knew you would come up with this posting! Did you get to speak to my'Sal-May'?

pakmat said...

..yes, Lili..thanks..he'll never know me as pakmat fahmy..for he was the one that gave me the tag..mat cho may.. as a joke..and it stuck..
..yes, we talked..and for a moment there, I was that confused youth again..

Justiffa said...

Waa pakmat you were with a band? u must've had a VERY colourful life ;) and with all that behind u surely u can surge forth into the next leg of ur journey dgn penuh semangat.. go pakmat go (in my best cheerleading voice lol) ;D

Terlebih kopi plak pagi ni hehehe.

pakmat said...

..thank you, you made me grin,,that toothless grin..yes, I should surge forward..after all feeling old is optional..:)

and you have nice day, too..

Anonymous said...

somehow my comment doesn't appear, anyway I was commenting on The Kilat , the finalist in Juara Kugiran (1970).. I was also asking why you miss Kilat's female vocalist , Normah Jan.


ps Iak mat I don't blog

pakmat said...

..salam MFT..

..yes, Norma Jan, anak aruah Pak Hamid, quiet and unassuming..Suara Kilat resident singer..but then pakmat was reminiscing about the boys..


Anonymous said...


I was feeling a bit low and your post cheer me up.

It is easy to forget to enjoy life and be thankful to God.

TQ for the reminder

pakmat said...

..anytime, Ain, anytime at all..we all need pick me up every now and then..and you take care of yourself..jdbb, Ain..for tomorrow is another day..:)