Saturday, 14 November 2009

..into each life..

..into each life some rain must fall..

..for some it is just a drizzle..but there are those that have theirs on the scale of gales and storms that threatened to inundate the homes..

..but the rain must fall..nonetheless..irregardless..for it is the nature of things that rain must fall..'s God's way..for we are His creations..and we need to be tested...lest we forget..of His Blessings..and His Might..

...of His Love..and His Mercy..

..but if all else fails..just be thankful of the heart that's beating inside you.

...and smile..

..for life is still worthwhile..:)


Lili said...

Salam Pakmat,

I have been reading your postings since this morning and kept coming back for your older posts. I must say, I owe it a lot to your many comments in Oldstock's and a few more blogs. Writing to you seems inevitable now. I told myself to gather my courage to leave my print here albeit in a very shy way. I feel small actually. I never knew there are mighty hearts out there who make my life fulfilling with their wisdom and outlooks what with knowledge of mine that is as thin as an onion peel needs most. You're one of them, Pak Mat...
You write beautifully and I especially felt for this entry.
I'm one person who cries easily at almost a tinge of pensiveness in its tune; and amuses easily too at practically over something tiny even.
I'm quite in a melancholy mood these past few days and reading your blog sure helps in a way, muahaha! The song 'Smile' always brings back memories of how my late father used to sing in his own funny rendition when I was small, when the weather outside was unrelenting and we had to stay indoors.

For a start, I had taken so much of your space here and my apology to you. All I want to say is, I'm happy to have found and read your blog. I'll be glad if you don't mind my linking your blog to mine.
Thank you. Wasallam.

pakmat said...

thank you..take care..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Pakmat, Holy Smoke! I remember that Hoover restaurant.
I also stayed one time at Trengganu's Hoover hotel.
I remember that band, though can't remember their name, but yes, they played good music those old days.

I really am impressed with your lively thoughts and memories PakMat....
and nothing like the old days memories to keep us smiling as we come near to our Twilight zone, ha ha.
Have a great week Pakmat, Lee.