Friday, 20 November 2009

..a time for rain..

..after three days of continuous rain, the monsoon is
officially here..a week before that it rained for two days.
....then it stopped..and the sun came shining through...but we
know it was only a trailer before the main event.

..well, the main event is here..without a pause..
...except for one or two hours yesterday...when the sun
peeped shyly through the thick canopy of clouds..
..mothers tentatively took out their washing to dry..
..cats skittered on wet sand..

...and sweet-young-things took out their umbrellas..

..main street, Bachok..

..even the gods got wet..Wat Phothikyan Phutthaktham, Balai,
Bachok..serving the pocket of Thais in Balai, Kelantan.. rises more than 10 storeys high.. are tethered and moored..and nets repaired..
..Pengkalan Petah, Bachok..

..Pantai Irama..rough seas and debris..

..a despondent fish satay hawker.. feeling the cold and
lack of customers on a Friday, Irama Beach..

..its noon, main road Bachok..

..even the bus stand becomes bleak during the monsoon..

..its raining, do you expect
me to ride and get anywhere..?
..Pantai Damak, Bachok..

..casting nets for 'anak belanak'..favourite activity
during the rain..Irama Beach..

..but for Pakpong..time to sleep and get some warm..

..all pic's taken by pakmat with his Sony-Ericsson handphone..


Shifu67 said...

hujan2 cam gini makan nasi panas dgn belanak goreng... pehhh... mesti laju

Pak Zawi said...

You caught the mood of the weather perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Pak Mat
You managed to turn the mundane and dull details into something interesting.

Where did you acquire such a strong command of english?
Im sure you are a voracious reader

Care to share with us your reading lists and favourites.


pakmat said...

..setuju tu..ubi rebus kelapa parut..secubit gula..

..thankyou..coming from an artist such as you, a rare compliment, indeed..

..your command of the language is just as 'strong'..come, join pakmat.. blog, girl..stake a claim in this vast world of cyber..

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi Pakmat, glad to find your blog through MamaFami's blog. It's interesting!