Wednesday, 18 November 2009 interlude..

..they were having fried mee, mamak style..a plate shared, him with the fork and she was with the spoon..

Earlier they had walked together from the hotel where she was staying..where the rate was reasonable but the window air-conditioning unit shook the wall.

..they made an odd couple..the garish fluorescent light could not hide his wrinkles even through his youthful figure..but the woman with him could not be no more than thirty. deep conversation, they were oblivious to the motley crowd around them..

..she toyed with her spoon held with a thumb and a finger as he spoke softly..

..'She deserved a better father than me..someone who has the time for her..and you deserved a better husband than me..someone who has the time for you..and I do not have the strength anymore to continue..or to travel..I do not have the strength..'

..He let his voice trailed....the silence between them was not broken by the blare of a television set high on a column..

..'You will never be transfered here and I will never be able to stay there. And we cannot continue like this. We are not being fair to her. And I am not being fair to you..'

'I am sorry,' he said, and looked up to see a pair of eyes looking at him, a hint of a smile forming.
But she did not say anything, letting him do all the talking.

Only later she asked, 'And you promised to let me be?' He looked back into those eyes he had known so well and nodded.

As they walked back, a soft drizzle caressed them, and carried them away into the night.

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. "
Judy Garland


Justiffa said...

Not fair pakmat whet one's appetite with snippets like this one!! citer la lagi ;)

Anonymous said...

yes , sambung...sambung...sambung not potong-potong-potong.
Pak mat - and u want me to wite... i'm not saying I won't.


pakmat said...

Justi..pakmat just trying his hand at creative writing,..could be fiction..:) for sometimes fiction mirrors life..and there are too many snippets to my life..anyway I got smitten by that quote by Judy Garland..

but they decided to part, and she had since remarried..and the girl who deserved a better father? She is now in year 5..with her grandparents in Dengkil..having both a papa and an ayah..

Anon MFT..yes..and I want you to write..and I am not saying you shouldn't..:)

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah lah Pak Mat everything turned out well...I mean what if she did not remarried?
Anyway a brave act by the hero to let someone so precious.
Betul tak?

and to think that I want you to limit yourself to travel writing
and photography!


pakmat said... is just a often have you seen couples sharing a plate of food and a drink together in public? me it is intimacy that reveals the love between them..more so if is between older couples..and I used to wonder what they are whispering about..and sometimes I imagined their dialogue..


Shifu67 said...

errrrr... ni citer sempena musim hujan and sejuk eiii.... panasssss

pakmat said...

sifu..ore royak doh..stoking bola..nise madu liar..

Anonymous said...

Sorilah Pak mat I got carried away


pakmat said...

..its ok, is just a small episode in pakmat's life..and sometimes pakmat got carried away, too..but I supposed it is about time I faced my demons of the past..