Sunday, 28 February 2010 in class..

..the first thing that strikes my mind on reading today's headline about sex education in schools is perhaps they should also bring back further education classes for adults and teach sex education to adults and oldsters like me..seeing that the survey has proven how ignorant our kids are, it must be because the parents and grandparents are just as ignorant in that they are not able to teach their children and grandchildren a thing or two about sex..for to my mind, sex should be educated  at home..if at all they need me all those porno clips in every kids handphone is education enough, graphically so, ..

..I do not know whether the survey asked specifically: Do you know that sexual intercourse causes babies?..instead of asking all those myths and whether wearing brassieres cause cancer..or where the hymen is..not sure whether this old coot knows it himself, 'cept that it is down there, somewhere..not having seen it in my lifetime..sheesh..after 3 wives, I should know something about its location...

..I think TGNA hit the nail on its head when he said that teen pregnancies are because of 'free sex'. I thought I heard my 13yr old son said the same thing...Question I like to ask all those that said it is because of 'seks bebas' is how do we go about tackling it?..or stamping it?..or put a check on it?..Babies thrown in dustbins and left in gutters and drains are happening in this state of Mecca's corrider as it is happening put it simply, I would put it to declining morals, decaying virtue and easy access..

..and I think our kids know that what they are doing will result in unwanted babies..but they kept on doing it in spite of it..somewhat like Tiger Woods, the temptations to indulge in it is too is obvious now that our kids know what they are education in class will proved what they have been doing is right..that sexual intercouse makes the girl pregnant..but they cannot help not doing to this old coot..its better to start dispensing condoms whilst in sex education classes..with details on how to put it on least it will stop the pregnancies..and it will be cheaper than the baby-hatches...unless, of course, our ulamaks have better ideas...instead of making general statements about seks bebas...or seks kebas, whichever way you look at it,,


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
Hmmm...I'm blushing. purrr...meow!

yushida03 said...

declining morals.. easy access, yes but how do we do it these days.. it's so hard to control the 'maya'..

i think the solution lies in how we install fear to the kids and people in general. fear of God, of what the consequences be here on earth and the hereafter but then, some people value earthly money and lust more than the promised eternal heavenly delights.

one more reason to worry for my kids future.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

When the school council decided to teach a sex education program, there was a deputation from the parents'association; "We want no graphic demonstrations," said one dissenting parent, "so just make sure it's oral."

I think the PTA should educate/advocate more DIY to release pent up feelings amongst kids & NO u don't go blind lah! :))

rizal hashim said...

Seks bebas or kebas...hahaha PakMat...

But this is a serious issue...

The digital age means we face difficulty to stamp this problem.

At a glance we have to be very open with them, explain to them the ramifications of their starts with the family, and I worry...

condoms - still do not prevent seks bebas but will at least prevent unwanted pregnancies

DIY, as suggested by tommy yewfigure, tak kacau orang lain

but at the end of the day the society turns a blind eye to this

my wife tells me her school is grappling with "heavy petting which could lead to seks bebas" among its top students...


pakmat said... need to blush, my dear cat..pakmat just quoting last NST's featured headlines..

yus03..lots of things to worry when it comes to our children future..

..hi,, not even in Kama's..Boris Becker's oral resulted in impregnation..a woman with intent can do anything..oh, well, even a man...:) cheers..

Patricia said...

This has always been an issue. Throughout the ages, older people have complained about their young 'uns having no morals and engaging in random and irresponsible sex!!!

The only way forward? We need to be a thinking society, and educate our young. Especially our girls.

'You won't get pregnant if we do it like this,' won't cut no ice if the girl is informed, believes in herself, and knows what's what.

Religion is fine. But, it must be relevant and find its way into the heart. I feel most people parrot what is said, without knowing what is meant.

And, so, when they face a 'test', they fail.

As a teacher, I had to deal with my share of students who came for advice I was loath to give. Not because I didn't want to. But because I would be accused of being libertarian. And it would be true!!! Hahahah!

Our young are wearing blinkers. They need to be helped. That's the way forward.

Justiffa said...

Salam pakmat. to me sex education in school is just passing on the buck. yg paling membantu is open communication between parents & children, and that to satisfy their curiousity no topic should be taboo. better they get info from us than anywhere else. bila diorang tak takut or segan to come to us, only then can we also share our experiences. otherwise all that we went thru, especially the mistakes, will fall onto deaf ears or just go to waste.

Things is, it has to be established during their early years otherwise susah. just sharing :)

Ozz said...

I seriously think the schools should be teaching about sex, and puberty, because some kids are really deprived from this information, and seriously need to be taught.
Sex is more than physical and kids should learn this from early and not just see it as another thing that they do like sleeping and eating.

pakmat said... open and modern society, yes..but the morals and virtues does not commiserate with it..the more open and modern, the lower the morals..I still think that the ulamaks should do something about it..introduce programmes and such just for the teens..lipservicing is not getting us anywhere..esp. in Kelantan..

pakmat said...

and so, back to school, eh?..but to me, not is both parents and teachers..more so on parents..but when it comes to unwanted pregnancies, I think it cuts thro' religion..of course, we must try to stamp premarital sex..for that is the only matter the religion..but a good knowledge of preventive measures helps..:)

justi...that is what this oldster is trying to say..make the parents responsible..teach the parents how about to tell their to be more open with their kids..and if you have this already going with your kids, then, you r one rare mother..:), not just the schools..teachers had enough on their hands as it is..parents must be made to play their part..hold classes for parents..