Saturday, 6 February 2010

..pic's around Bachok..

..full moon, Pantai Irama..

..there is no neon lights in Bachok.. night in Bachok is look up to a black canvass of a night sky and see the stars..and the silvery moon..

..and the few billboards around are not lit-up..with no bright lights to distract, its easier to see the sky..and almost see your past.. unlike in the cities..blinding neons hide the sky..and in the wombs of  hypermarkets, you do not know whether it is day or night..and only when you are above the neon, from a little  window of your 20th floor condo, do you get to see the moon..waxing..

..Yati's food stall, bus terminal Bachok...

..but like in big cities, we sometimes buy packed food for supper.. from Yati's food stall near the bus terminal, Bachok..she opens for business every evening after to government servants, teachers and school children..serving a variety of food, she is a boon to those who do not have the time to cook nights...pakmat sometimes buy nasi kerabu from her...but for some in Bachok, tau pauing  food home is a luxury...

..Pak Do Soh..

..he of an unsound mind...Pak Do Soh..there are about 4 of his kind in Bachok that I know of..meandering around town with that glazed look of one incoherent of thoughts..hit by motorcyclist one day, Pak Do Soh broke his ankle..with iron braces, he had difficulty moving..seen here on the steps of Kg. Sungai Mosque...drug abuse led him to his present state...

..the monsoon last year did not prevent this enterprising family from carrying on with the wedding..
as their house was surrounded by water, they built a dais on stilts and served their guest there...

..fresh fish are bought at Tok Bali..favourite haunt for anglers and picnickers..
but at RM8 to RM10 per kilo, it is sometimes cheaper to buy chicken.. 

..sil, Di and three of pakmat's daughters...Lina, Ida, Amy... is always about family..they left the nest and built their own..leading their own life...bringing up their own children the best way they can..we taught them love, their mother and I, and they turned out loving..I turned up the mess, and they know what to avoid...


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Pakmat, I think I should have migrated to Bachok, instead of Canada, ha reason is I was, I still am always a kampong boy at heart.

And to read of seeing the night skies above Bachok, yes...I have experienced that many times in the early 80's....couple of times at Bachok, other times at Gua Musang, Kuala Krai and at Pantai Cinta Berahi.

Not to mention in Trengganu, Tanjong Jara, on Pulau Kapas, Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian.

I love what you mentioned, the wonderful small shops, the market....the warm and friendly people, unlike in big cities.
No wonder you did not move to New York or Toronto, ha ha.

And Pakmat, you sure got great looking daughters...and you did it your a 'mess'. ARHAAAA HA HA. Always loved your great sense of humour, Pakmat......

Everytime I pop in here, I can get the lovely scent of the sea breezes of Bachok.
You stay young, try not to mess up too much, ha ha, Lee.

mekyam said...

the first pix made me hum an offkey p. ramlee's "malam bulan dipagar bintang"... :D

lovely bachok and lovely daugthers, lovingly written. thanks for sharing this, pakmat!

Kama said...

(SIGHHH...) and now you make me miss Dungun a thousandfold!

PS: Ida is a carboncopy of your other daughter, the one in UK. Pretty ladies, all, Pakmat.. chome chome blako..:-)

pakmat said...

.Dear Lee..I've been to all the places you mentioned..moonstruck at some of the places..was in Terengganu for 5 blissful years..1st half of my life, lee..and doses of retro music when I'm at yours..forl you always succeeded inl blringing myl a world of ours before theirs..:) for fragrance is the memory that lingers..(thought I twist abit your quote) take care, lee..can't have that toronto sun setting just yet..

pakmat said...

Dear ladies, Mekyam and Kama..I remember singing Engkau Laksana Bulan..for such is the power of the moon..and you're always welcome, Mekyam..

Lady Kama, Dungun is my fav town in times of old..(74-80)..remembered enjoying the drive in my Fiat 124 SpecialT..taking in the sweeping corners of Marang with its scenic view..and break at Rantau Abang,,and the undulating approach just before hitting the town..
and you r spot on..Ida is the one in London..pic was taken by Tom..
..cheers, ladies..

Andi Natalia binti Bongkasa said...

bulan yang sangat sibuk..:D the scene is so nice at bachok.. :), bulan yang sangat cantik, walau di manapun kita berada, kita masih melihat bulan dan bintang yang sama... :)

pakmat said...

..salam Andi..benar, andi..walau diSabah atau Sarawak..pun Manhattan, New York..ianya masih bulan yang sama..:)..take care, hard whilst enjoying the moon..and aim for the stars..

ZubaidahArshad said...

Pak Mat, I've never been to Bachok but I think I used to date a guy from Bachok. Or was he from Pasir Putih? Damn.

Have a great time ahead!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Dear PakMat,
I was right. The full moon did make you nostalgic. But those fish at Tok Bali are wow! They look so fresh. This cat is salivating....masok singgang sedap tuh! cicah budu ke, belacang ke, ulam petai rebus...wei....Mama...I'm hungry.
Oops...sorry...see what fish can do to me? purrr....meow!

anneaziz said...

Salam Pakmat,

Cantik nya malam kat PCB! Terus teringat kat Uncle Lee! Sebab bulan bintang ni kan mainan dia!

Ikan kat Tok Bali tu nampak macam belum kena ais, mesti sedap di masak apa pun! Tapi biasa lah Pakmat, now that people are more health conscious and try to eat more fish instead of red meat, dah ikan pulak mahal!

I recall a lil part of this song:

~~Oh with all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right~~~
Bob Carlisle (Butterfly kisses)

No matter how difficult you are to love, I'm sure they all love you, I know, cos I've been there too.

Snakebite said...


yushida03 said...

malam bulan dipagar bintang.. haha that sounds familiar..

will try to get to the beach soon. it's been a while being away from Bachok..

pakmat said...

ZuAr.. he must be from PPuteh...if from Bachok you'll be dating him still...:)

now you make this old man hungry, my dear cat...

yes, anne, I must have done something right.. to deserve the hugs and butterfly kisses at night..:)thank you for the reminder..

hi, snakebite..cheers..

you should, pakmat..we will have air nyior muda there..

D said...

I love the East Coast - food are delish and things are cheap. Been to Bachok only once, however - a good friend from schooldays lived there.

Wow - the wedding ceremony on stilts is new to me!

But you got me wondering Pak Mat, does Pak Do Soh know his pict is on your blog, seen by everyone in the world? LOL!

pakmat said...

..salam D.. a good friend from schooldays here in Bachok?..nice..reasons now to drop by Bachok again..and Pak Do Soh of the wondering mind, sometimes doesn't even know where he is..:) cheers..