Thursday, 11 February 2010

..PAS, Chuan and Chinese New Year..

..if friends ask me what I do for leisure..I usually gave them a blank look..sheesh...I am a pensioner..a retiree..someone way past expiry date..everything I do is for leisure..

..seeing my grumpiness,  Chuan said I am having a bad case of PAS..and I said I don't care a hoot about politics..and he said it is the male version of PMS..Pre Andropause Syndrome..this goldsmith caught me there..I turned to face him, knowing that I have to think fast. He peered through a monocle at some piece of gold, hiding his triumphant snigger..Its not Pre, lah, I said..I have been through that..its Post Andropause Syndrome...and we both laughed, to the bewilderment of his customers...yes,  I am having a bad bout of PAS..enough to make life interesting..a little bit of absentmindedness, a dose of eccentricity..a dash of stubbornness mixed with crankiness..yet heavy on geniality..

..over the years, since being neighbours, (his shop is next to my wife's hair shop) we have grown used to our different ways..he got used to my tardiness and I got around his boisterous gregariousness..we tend to slip into English everytime we talked..more so when we argued, which is often..about current events and things that he read in the NST..and he would wait for me to arrive, which I usually do around about noon, jab his finger at the paper and make his point...he leans a little towards DAP..and he knows I am a government man, through and through...albeit a discontented one..

..but yesterday he was a Chinese bearing gifts..a box of Mandarins..mooncakes...a variety of cookies bought from Cosway..Menglembu groundnuts and all smiles..

..'How am I gonna eat the kacang?'
..'Ala..New Year lah cikmat..its for your use your gobek lah..' hmm, someone been stalking my blog..

..and so, in the words of Mat Bangkai, nka (now known as) Sofian with that killer boyish looks..

My dear friends (that’s everyone who reads this blog, OK?).... Happy Chinese New Year..keep that song in your heart..and joy in your soul..

..and in the style of Tommy Yewfigure who frequently drops url's around..(..'l' for lampooned) here's a song from my world before yours..(to quote Uncle Lee)...a song from down under...

keith locke and the quests 

...from you, huh? dear Cat-i-S?..:)



Maeko Wong said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too, Pakmat! Happy holidays to you and your family!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Why, thank you Pak Mat for your well wishes.

Since I can’t bring u a gift, I shall offer u some laughter on nuts;

A young social worker used to call on old PakB, to cut up his steak & help with his meals. She noticed a bowl of almonds beside his tray.

“They were given to me as a present, but I don’t want them,” he explained. “You can have them.”
She said thanks & began to nibble away on them. “Funny present to give a man with no teeth,” she remarked when she had eaten most of them.

“Oh no,” he said. “They had chocolate on them then.”

Muahahaha….have a good day Pak Mat.


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
How could you call that lil' isle Down Under? There's only 1 Down Under in this world - Australia. I was about to send you a box of macadamia nuts but now change my mind. (kucing merajuk, buruk....) purrrr....meow!

Zendra-Maria said...

PAS - just a silly excuse to act old, Pakmat

Me, no pause.... :)

NanaDJ said...

Pak Mat,
I think you are not as old as you make yourself to be. Maybe you need a 'Gayah' to rejuvenate you. pause in whatever they love to do. It is time you have a get together with Sofian...
Enjoy your New Year goodies!

Ozz said...

Kong Si Kong Si Kong Si Ni...
Kong Si Kong Si Kong Si Ni...

Gosh! No more mercun and bunga api war now.

pakmat said...

..thank you Maeko's wishing you a prosperous Tiger Year..

..hi, Tommy..and my children won't touch the almonds after I finished with the London..and I said, what's wrong with them?..they were in my mouth just a lil while..just like kissing..and they gave me that horrified look..children.. dear cat..macademia nuts? and give my gobek extra work?..ow, cat..a lil dig and I got the claws..:)

..right on, Zen..pakmat not pausing..but its a good excuse to fall back on..:)

aahh..NanaDj..if only you knew..I already had the Gayah in my life, once..half my age..that's what make me a wee bit cynical now..but thats another story for another day..:)

..who says, no more mercun, Ozz..sales in Takbai and Golok has increased..just you wait, mr. Higgins..the bang and the display is just about to begin...

mekyam said...

selamat tahun rimau, pakmat dan semua kawan2 pakmat, terutama yg berketurunan cina!

hahaha! tommy's cny nuts to you sound absolutely delish, even without the choc-coating.

would like to ditto zen. pas may be the kelantanese excuse for many things but pakmat has no need for it. :D

me-no-pause either [but me d*shed lutut ni sengal2 skit from trudging in the snow yesterday].

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
I haven't even shown you my claws yet. You haven't seen the real thing....hahaha...
But I think you'll enjoy some chocolate coated macadamia nuts. Some are even shaped like a koala. purrr....meow!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Pakmat, I have never use the word 'old' describing myself, ha ha, 'retired' yes.
The day an SYT stands up in the bus for for me, the day I stop admiring women or cars, THAT is the day I am old....and will sing the song, "When I grow too old to dream", ha ha.

My wife always warns me, "don't you dare grow old"!
Ha ha...."that means I can look at girls"? "Yes, look, no touch". Ha ha.
Happy Tiger year to you and family, Pakmat, best regards, Lee.

pakmat said...

..salam mekyam..and here we are sweating in our bath..:) and me no pause, too..just enjoying being 65..but dont have to trudge in snow..just jog on sand by the beach..:)

you haven't, my dear cat?..I would have sworn I saw and heard a swish of blades..I will enjoy chocolate..and my children the nuts..

..thank you, lee..have a nice year ahead..perchance we meet, we meet...if not, see ya at your next posting...cheers..