Tuesday, 2 March 2010

..happiest at 74..

..according to scientists, (NST feature, today's edition under Health) it did not say whether rocket or otherwise, we are at our happiest at 74..our contentment level will be at its peak and we become better at keeping negative emotions in check..according to Dr. Carlo Strenger, of Tel Aviv University, "If you make fruitful discoveries about yourself in the first half of your life, the second half would be most fulfilling. Most people can anticipate a second life, if not a second career."

..hmm..the trick is to discover things fruitful about yourself before 40..but before 40 you are busy..acquiring that property...fighting for that promotion..bringing up the children and seeing them through tertiary education..and spending all your meagre savings there..and for some, like pakmat, getting married again, and going through the rollercoaster ride only polygamy can give..there is hardly time to discover anything fruitful..hardly time for the mind to fruit..until now..but at 65, there is nothing else new to discover, let alone, fruit

..agree with the contentment level peaking, though..less responsibilities and financial burdens bring contentment..along with not much in the want/wishing list...'cept, perhaps, for a set of teeth..at 65 you learn to control your wants...but a second career helps..not so much for the money, more for keeping the mind lithe and supple..if anything, I discovered that the mind does not aged..only your body does..which sometimes resulted in the mind willing but the body quitting..and so, pakmat learns to keep his mind in check..

..and the second trick is to be around until you reached the age of 74...a bit difficult that..looking at the unknowables and unforeseeables...but then, no harm in hoping..cheers..



YuinTing Chin said...

Dear Pakmat, stay healthy and happy. I'm sure you'll join the Happiest @ 74 club.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi PakMat, aiyah 65 y.o in todays’ world is young mah and things r moving that quick that u’ll discovered new stuff every day.

Did u imagine 5 years ago that u’ll be blog hopping today like there’s nobody’s business…hahaha.

Don’t despair old chap, u’ll get to 74 & beyond with that slick mind like yours (I actually meant slick lah, & not a typo for sick, errrr sikit maybe, wink2..hehehe).

BTW, did u hear about the 80y.o man who was acquitted of sexual assault coz the evidence wouldn’t stand up in court? :))

Cheers old codger, enjoy the rest of your rollercoaster ride!!!


pakmat said...

..thank you, ytc and tommy..you bring comfort to an old coot..:) in the words of Baz Luhrmann..I might just do the chicken at 75..and, no, I did not imagine for a minute, 5 yrs ago, I will be blogging this prolifically, about sex and polygamy..and I wished you blog, tommy..that I may be fascinated within the innards of your mind..:)

hazeleyed lady said...

Ass-salam pakmat
...with what you are now at 65...and not much of a roller coaster riding...i am pretty sure that you are gonna make it to 75.
Enjoy life...to the fullest.