Thursday, 11 March 2010

..the 8th pic..


..was a picture of the Imam of Bachok District's Mosque calling our the azan, the call to prayer for solat Asar..there was a momentary breakdown in the electrical supply and the mosque appointed bilal was indisposed..I remembered being surprised when the Imam himself did it, wishing that he had asked me instead..but since he did not, I took out my handphone and took a shot of him doing it.

..the District Mosque is about a hundred meters from the beach, Pantai Irama..the above pic is the view from the mosque, taken through one of its is routine for pakmat to do the noon  and afternoon solat here..and later to slowly sip a cool glass of air kelapa muda  by the beach whilst reading the days NST..before fetching the kids from school, (65 and still fetching and sending kids to  have your children early and truly retire from the humdrum of raising kids when old..and leave the raising of kids to your children..) .

..but sometimes I came for night prayers, too..and catch up on the night market just across the mosque, as in pic above..and basked in the glow of the full moon..remembering the times in Trengganu, afloat on a small boat, fishing with some friends off the coast of Merang..not getting much fish, but astounded by the beauty of the moon..and the lights of a distant shore...

(I have been tagged by both lili of SuddenlyHeta and Cat-in-Sydney..(must be getting popular in my old age)..but the tagging stops here..there is this peculiar habit of mine of not forwarding whatever chain-mail or whatever that I am asked to copy and matter how much wealth it will bring me..or how healthy it will make me..and being 65 in a few days time, I have become set in my ways..:) 


NanaDJ said...

Pak Mat,
I am like you, although tagging (at times chainmail) can be fun but I have no heart to forward it lest the receipients get annoyed with me.
As for sending children to school, tuition etc, one does not need to have a second (or new family), my other half (he is older than you -am younger than you though) and I are doing the same thing with our grandson. Only this morning I got up at 5am to fru nuggets for the whole class as part of the contribution to his school sports day

Patricia said...

My children are all grown up and working now, but I'm still on 'duty' with my girl - I take her, and pick her up, from the LRT station so that she can go to work in peace, without the giant traffic jam that is called Kayel!

More beautiful pix, and another slice of your life - lovely!

And an early 'happy birthday' for the 65 you'll be in a few days time :)

Shifu67 said...

nak gi cari nasik kerabu ikan bakar kat pasar malam pantai irama la mlm ni

Shifu67 said...

ehh.. ikan bakar la pulak... nak lauk ayam bakar sebenarnya

Pak Zawi said...

I can consider myself lucky as non of my children lives nearby and I don't have to take care of their children like sending or taking them back from school. On the other hand I am unlucky as my grandchildren are so faraway and i often miss them.
Would like to wish you a happy 65th birthday which will be coming in a few days time.

pakmat said...

hi, nanaDj..and I thot I am the only one getting into the kitchen right after morning prayers to fry something for the kids breakfast!..wife handles the laundry leaving the kitchen to me, sometimes..but she cleans up after me..whilst complaining of the mess I made to her'm not really complaining, I guess..:)..two of my cucu's came this morning for the slaughter of 2 goats for their hakikah and we had a fun time chasing after the goats that somehow got loose..yeah.,.life's good..

hi, pat..which goes to show that a parents duties never end..thanks..

hi, sifu..nasi kerabu ayam bakar?..nothing beats that prepared by the Thai couple paksu and maksu..jalan kg. tempoyak..

hi, Pakzawi..thanks for the wish..'cept for 2 in faraway London all of my cucu are in KB..with 1 moving to KL next this grandpa get to meet them often..tapi ada hikmah juga duk jauh..:) for absence makes heart grow fonder..

Justiffa said...

Weh pakmat nak kejo kambing gak weh...mesti seronok hehehe :D

Happy 65 pakmat..semoga bahagia & dilimpahi nikmat keimanan & kesihatan yang terbaik.

Nur said...

salam ulang tahun untuk pak mat moga segala urusan dan impian tercapai cuma jangan selalu sendiri saja ok. minta isteri temankan...

Andi Natalia said...

salam pakmat,

kat tempat andi, masjid besar berdekatan dengan persiaran laut.. jadi kalau orang sana nak jalan-jalan senang nak solat.. dekat je.. bersebelahan.... :).. sangat tenang.... dah solat pergi ambil angin laut... nyamannya... :)

Anonymous said...

Salam PakMat

As usual your photo journals stirred so much emotion in me,reminding me again of my trip to the east coast and my snorkeling trip to Pulau Redang.Happy B'day!

pakmat said...

..justi and nur..thankyou..pakmat is touched..

..andi..same here in pantai selesai solat..

..aini..hmm long time no see..:)thanks for the birthday wish..c u in Bachok, sometimes,,:)

take care, you guys..jdbb..and cheers..