Monday, 29 March 2010

.. earth watch and a grandchild.., I did not switch off my lights that son told me something about Earth Hour..and I said, yeah..but its my hour, too..but I switched off the porch lights..and caught the eerie light of the almost full moon..and reminded myself to try and catch the full moon rise at Pantai Irama in a few days time.

.some one said it is an act of tokenism..considering the things we have done to ravage our planet earth throughout man's existence..I think it is gimmicky, considering how resilient Earth is..hey, it survived meteors that took the dinosaurs..

..I think the worry is misplaced..let us not fret about Mother has been around long before will matter the damage we render it..time has always been on its side..and one day, when we are gone, when all of human kind are gone, I am pretty sure that Earth will still be spinning around..and that is what we should be worried about..our very existence..for at the rate we are going...damaging our own chances of survival for short term gains...fighting for borders and space..we are on track towards ensuring our own annihilation from the surface of this earth..starting-point: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

...instead of having Earth Watch..let's have Human Watch, let us take steps to watch ourselves from threatening our existence on this planet..let us ensure our children and grandchildren are left with the chance to savour the glory of sunrises..and the beauty of the full moon..let there be continuance of the human race.. pakmat did last night when 2nd daughter went into labor pains..,and watched the hours and the seconds before she delivered her 3rd child, a 8th 12.10 am this morning..

..tentively named Sarah, I held that pinkish bundle in my arms..I thanked Him for this gift..God showered endless miracles..but I could not helped but wonder..what sort of legacy are we leaving her..?..will she, one day, grows up and blames us for all the chaos that we are leaving behind???


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Oooh...she looks all fluffy and cuddly... Would you allow a foreign cat to cuddle up to her? purrr....meow!

psst...don't forget Cat Watch too.

hazeleyed lady said...

Ass-salam pakmat
...Tahniah..tambah cahaya dalam famili pakmat...Great day.
Take care

Justiffa said...

Alaaa comey!! congrats to u & daughter pakmat... geram nak cium, babies have an indescribable scent, i call it bau 'syurga':D

Pat said...

Congratulations on becoming a datuk for the eighth time, Pak Mat :)

The best kinda 'datuk' to me!

rizal hashim said...

Tahniah PakMat, yes Human Watch...agreed wholeheartedly.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Pakmat,

I like what I see / read;

‘The world according to Pakmat’, I must say it must be the clean air in Bachok. Ya lorr don’t worry too much about Mother Earth, it’s the human on Earth that are the problem! Tokenism & gimmicky so bloody true, not to mention it’s a big business in the greening industry too.

Hey, congratulation to you & your daughter for this new addition to the family, I sincerely hope that she’ll get to grow up able to enjoy the wonderful nature Mother Earth gets to offer too.



P/S – This one for u, Sarah, me & everyone else that cares;

The World is A Circle

Andi Natalia said...

i love baby! so much! hehhe.. congratulation pakmat.. :`)

pakmat said...

..thank you, guys, for the congratulations..not that I deserved it..considering it is others' hardwork..:) and pakmat just sat back and watch..and getting that heavenly scent of an infant..let's all hope that she and her generation will grow up in a better world..cheers..

Anonymous said...

Despite proposals of marriages from three men( one of them my ex boyfriend of seven years) I remain single. However recent developments in my life, the religious significance, stories and photos,especially of new born babies like your grandchild do make me question and ponder of my decision. After all I am a woman.
When you mentioned "human watch" it only reaffirm my decision was wise. I do not think it is fair to bring another human being in this world when we are capable of self imposing so many calamities in our lifes. Anyway congrats to the parent and the Tok.

mekyam said...

welcome to the world, pretty little sarah!

and congratters to her parents and grandparents for the latest add. :D

i agree with you pakmat, the earth without a doubt will take care of itself as it has always done.

perhaps we shouldn't worry about all those who crawl its surface and their future on earth too much either.

thinking about it, i'm inclined to go with voltaire, who voiced in candide, "tous les événements sont enchaînés dans le meilleur des mondes possibles" [losely translated: all events are linked together in the best of possible worlds], and just stay optimistic.

having blundered our way here beyond redemption, the best we could do now is to just continue tending our gardens; or should i say our beds.

after all, since we are also part of creation, our "destructiveness" could very well be seen as a natural progression of events in the best of possible worlds too, kan? wallahualam! ;D

pakmat said...

..Dear Anon..Celibacy is not us, lady..for as you said, you are a woman..and in spite of all that I said in my blog, we should be concerned, yes, but not the extent that we lose our faith in fellow humankind..and in a way, Mek Yam has answered your doubts..we r linked in the best of possible don't be in a hurry to close all the windows to your you have pondered, then give them the benefit of doubts..the future is not for us to see..but for us to put our Him..and may He guides you in whatever you do..that you may enjoy and bask in the sun before it dims..cheers..

pakmat said...

Dear mekyam..old coots are good at painting a pic of gloom..:)maybe you r right..that this self destruction is part of a generative process..could it be part of natural selection?..but I have not lost grandchildren will grow up in a better world, enjoying all the benefits that technology will tandem with a caring society..just that the ongoing shenanigans disappoint me..:) cheers..

Kak Teh said...

tahniah Pak Mat. Am sure you are a doting grandpa, spoling all your grandchildren.

ps, i was just wondering where that Yew is. so, he is here I see.

pakmat said...

..thank you, Kak Teh..yes, that Yew is here..:)

Anonymous said...

Your words are comforting and yet it bring tears to my eyes