Tuesday, 3 August 2010

..life's musing..

and impromptu response from me to comments by that veritable magi of cybersphere, Tommy Yewfigure and that exquisite cyber belle, MekYam,  that I thought deserved to be expanded and posted here, as a note, a billet-doux, from an old man called pakmat..

..salam Tommy and MekYam..:)

I always ponder on life's regenerative process..the old making way for the new..the brevity of my time..death served as a constant reminder of journey's end..and the birth of my grandchildren as a start of a new future..toddlers and children move me..for I see in them a future that I will not be a part of..as that coconut left ignored at some corner of my garden sprouting roots and leaves, fighting to grow into some distant time, oblivious to the turmoil on that little patch of earth it is part of..but there is no stopping time..

..and decades from now, my grandchildren's children will try to look back into their not too distant past..and perhaps locate through the mist a flame called pakmat, who once shone a light into their present..and perhaps catch the fading laughter and tears of my time that echoes into their time.. they may ponder on their past as I have on their future..for in the grand schemes of things, we are all connected..through time and through the cosmos..

..but this playful strife between the sexes will continue..and Tommy, you indeed have this ability to bring out the best in the fair sex..and MekYam , you quoting Coleridge gives me goosepimples..for I am, indeed, an old man, easily moved by words..the power of words..and the imagery it evokes never failed to astound me..

..ahh..to have both of you, and likeable friends,  over coffee with snacks and bites in some verdant corner of this earth..and ramble and muse over experiences of joy and sadness..for our time will pass...like candles in a final flicker...


Bergen said...

I've put yours on my blog hop to learn how to write like you - as with Awang Goneng, Zaharan Razak and a couple of others. People from your generation write good.

pakmat said...

why, thank you Bergen..that is a compliment, indeed...I have always been a silent reader of yours..:) but ppl from my generation are fading fast..:) cheers..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Awww PakMat, u r too kind. I enjoy reading your stuff too :)and mekyam.........hmmm, she's a terror in her own right...kakaka always ready to 'kantoi' me one!


curly hair said...

sob sob ..very touching la pak mat...
berderai air mata saya

pakmat said...

..then the enjoyment is mutual, Tommy..and MekYam in in her own..:)

hi, curly hair..elok juga tu, berderai air mata..didn't someone said that you cannot write if you cannot cry?...cheers..

xplorer said...

beautifully written .

Snakebite said...

you are a beautiful man pakmat

mekyam said...

dear pakmat,

if we think about it, actual living is done unconsciously as every instant immediately becomes a memory. so i guess everything we do is pretty much a musing [pun totally accidental], ya tak?

and i have to say that you do your musings with such style, pakmat. please don't think i'm saying this because you've lavished me with all these undeserved compliments that's making me blush all the way down to the rug. in fact, to give a new twist to an old adage...

those who can, blog. some, like yourself and others, including bergen and those he mentioned, do so most beautifully.

those who can't, simply borrow beautiful words of clever people, both dead and alive, and bull away in comment boxes. that's me, pakmat. :D

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wow Mekyam, that’s so nicely put especially that last paragraph. At least we r on the same planet Earth, not Mars or Venus. U r only too humble, I’ve got great confident u can block too. And yes anyone can admit they were wrong; the true test is admitting it to someone else (like in a blog) :))


P/S- I was looking at mekyam’s nic photo & wondered why would she use an ostrich or an emu bird photo but on close examination, I realised it was her eye with lovely long eyelashes….kekeke. Hope i don't make u blush again :)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat dear,
Only Tommy and Mekyam? The cats are livid! Anyway, you're still too young to talk about candles in a final flicker, OK? roar! roar! roar!

Miz Lavender said...

Salam Pak Mat

I stumbled upon your blog.
My such a good wirter. Just like my late dad.
He always writes to me when I was in boarding school.
Are you formerly a journalist?
Please tell us about your life.
Such interesting writing coming from you means an exciting young life.

pakmat said...

..comes from the heart, Xplorer..:) from the heart..as one day you'll be exploring with your heart..take care..

..you, too, Dato, you, too..for beauty is a father with his children..

pakmat said...

..no, Mek Yam, is not bull..it is just that it is not your time yet, to blog,..but as to blocking..I'm sure you have honed that craft since your teenage years..against advances from the likes of Tommy?..hehehe..

p/s..but to have you and Tommy over coffee or tea, some homebaked pie, some enchanted evening, under the shade of casuarinas, by a beach with a melodic a name as Irama..wouldn't that be blissful and heavenly?..

..and Tommy, the eyelash is but an infinitesimal part of a wholesome whole..:)..would our jaws dropped to the rug if we were to see the rest?..to put a newer twist to an old adage..hehhe..cheers, guys..

pakmat said...

..but,. of course, you r too young, my dear Cat..but then, cats are known to have 9 lives..:)

..no, Miz Lavender, I was not a journo..just a simple government servant..and most probably, like your late father, brought up and educated in the old school, where the medium was English..and my life-story is not as interesting as you thought..no,not as a poligamist..just some pots and pans flying..divorces here and there and a dozen and more children..other than that, it is just an ordinary life that I lead..but welcome to my blog..

Mis Lavender said...

Thank you Pak Mat. Will look out for your postings from now on.
Divorces? Wow you are like Larry King.
Pots and pans flying? Common mah.
Anyhoo,that's interesting tale enough to entertain us.

P.S. Hope you are not like my dad who will reply to my letters with my grammatical errors circled and red ink correctons.

Red Alfa said...

Salam Pak Mat

I believe you, Bergen, Zaharan Razak must be thinking totally in English. That's what making reading your musings quite the enjoyable pastime.

Just to see if anybody who doesn't think in English would ever be able to enjoy, I had asked our translator (English-Russian) to translate one of each of your musings. She couldn't understand anything what she had translated to Russian! Wasn't she driven up the wall trying to make any sense what she had read in English!

pakmat said...

..no, I dont think your late dad is in any way at all like me..:) but old coots do have their idiosyncrasies..and I will try not to encircle anything in red..:)..
..my blog is me, lady..to know more, you just have to delve a bit deeper..cheers..and take care..

pakmat said...

..hey, RedAlfa..sorry, I missed you..but, yes, we do tend to think in English..I think that's how it worked..and that's how one should write..by thinking English..not by translating from Bahasa..but whatever dit is,,it is still practice makes perfect..