Wednesday, 11 August 2010

..Ramadan's reflection..

..once again that night he was at the mosque...he clasped his hands in a doa..a doa he repeated from the last Ramadan..

..his cup no longer runneth over, he knew not when it will runs dry..but until then..
''O Allah...

..I thanked Thee for the time You have given me..the last Ramadan was Your Blessings to me..and here I am at the door of another...let me in in, Lord, into this month..that I may savour it in peace and in harmony...with my family and Muslim brethren...and forgive me my sins..

..grant me the will to be charitable that I might seek from You Your bounty.... the grace to overlook and forgive others' faults..that You may overlook and forgive mine..

...let me be magninamous that I may seek from You Your blessings..

..and as I rested my body from food during the fast, rest also my mind from dwelling too much on worldly pursuits..fill my nights with Your Light and my days with Your Guidance...

.. accept all the little deeds that I have done..that I may strived to do more..

..above all, O Allah, accept my repentance.. I have commited great sins..and You are The Great Forgiver..."

..and again that night, he raised his hands in prayer..that Allah may grant him the space and the time for him to savour yet another Ramadhan...InsyaAllah...God Willing...


Justiffa said...

Di keheningan malam, sambil menadah tangan penuh pasrah, menyelinap rindu pada yg satu... betapa kerdilnya kita ni pakmat.

Salam ramadhan semoga dipenuhi keberkatan.

lili said...

Salam Pakmat,

Selamat berpuasa dan menjalani ibadah yang berlipat kali ganda dari sebelumnya. Semoga diberkati Allah amalan-amalan baik kita, Amin.

YuinTing said...

Dear Pakmat,

Selamat Berpuasa!

Nur said...

salam Pak Mat
How u doin? such a long time tak jenguk Pak Mat kat sini..

Selamat berpuasa dan selamat menjamu berbuka nanti... ingat saya ya Pak Mat..


pakmat said...

..tq, Justi..dari sikerdil tua ini..:)

..tq, Lili..doa yg sama pakmat doakan untuk lili..take care..

..tq r, indeed, kind..take care and regards to family...

..tq, Nur..masakan luper Nur..yg cantik dan menawan..I am fine..and from I see, you r too..regards to cikabang and family..cheers..take care..

Anonymous said...

Dear Pak Mat,

Selamat berpuasa. May this Holy month of Ramadhan bring showers of blessings on you and your family. Take care. No eating durian + mutton at the same time, ok? LOL

pakmat said...

..tq, Andrea, no, I dont eat durian with mutton..I ate them with my wife..:)and you take care matter where you are..

Zendra-Maria said...

Ameen to your doa...

It's what I feel but can't put it down in words as beautifully as you had. Thanks pakmat.

xplorer said...

selamat berpuasa pak mat

Oldstock said...

Salam Pakmat,

Lama dah saya tak menjenguk ke sini. Saya tumpang doa Pakmat tu..

Selamat berpuasa. Semuga Allah swt panjangkan umur kita untuk bertemu Ramadhan yang seterusnya.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Heard on the radio as I was driving to work this morning; that people spent an average 18 minutes each day thinking & regretting their past. And then in my head, I tot; wouldn’t it be better if they spend that time looking towards the future & see whether one can contribute to make it a better place for all.

Hey Pakmat, u played this Robbie William song a while ago & just to reiterate some of its lyrics;

Go easy on my conscience
'Cause it's not my fault
I know I've been taught
To take the blame

Rest assured my angels
Will catch my tears
Walk me out of here
I'm in pain

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord I'm doing all I can
To be a better man

Selamat berpuasa sir,


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
Aminnnn.....Selamat berpuasa di bulan Ramadan al-Mubarak. roar! roar! roar!

pakmat said... problem, there are things that you put into words superbly that I can't..:)..selamat berpuasa saisi keluarga..

..selamat berpuasa, xplorer..take care..

..salam, Oldstock..but I've been to yours..:)..often, but preferring to silentread..selamat berpuasa..

pakmat said...

..hi, Tommy,
..after awhile, time heals the shame and I will grow through this pain, for, indeed, I'm doing all I can to be a better man..and I think, at 65, time has healed most of my shame..:)...well, I can look at myself in the mirror better now..but you are right, of point wasting these precious minutes regretting..cheers..

pakmat said...

..selamat berpuasa down there, my dear Bazaar Ramadans there, I'm sure..but I will post some pics to ease your rindu..cheers..

curly hair said...


Miz Lavender said...

Salam Ramadhan Kareen Pak Mat
Apa makanan kegenamaran Pak dalam bulan Puasa?

pakmat said...

..God willing, curly hair, God willing..

salam about nasi kerabu with a dash of budu?...hehehe..:)

Wan Sharif said...

Love the doa.. it is so beautiful, may Allah grant us our supplication.
Sometime precious minutes spent regretting can lead to repentance..
another good deed for sinners like me..he, he
Selamat berpuasa, bertarawikh, bertahajjud, bertadarrus, ber....
Take good care..

pakmat said...

,,tdq, Wan, INsyaAllah..semoga dimakmulkan doa kita semua..

Anonymous said...