Tuesday, 31 August 2010

..who's minding the environment?..

..53 years on........

..we are too busy calling others heretics..
..busy slinging mud at each other..
..to score our political points..

..finger lake, Pantai Irama..stifled to death..
..where  once the water was green..
..finger lake Pantai Irama..to hide the scene a fence
was erected around it..what you cannot see cannot hurt..
..on the left is the beach..
..Sungei Kemasin, Bachok..yes, this is a river..
a river slowly dying.. once it was
free flowing blue water...
..Sungei Kemasin, Bachok..a river strangled..
..Sungei Kelantan..the colour has been yellow for the
past two decades..right from the source of Nenggiri
to the estuary of Kuala Besar..should be renamed
the Yellow River of Kelantan..no prize for guessing
why it was so...

..when we should be throwing mud into the river..
..instead of at each other..


Pak Idrus said...

Pakmat, thanks for those images. It does tell a thousand words of what those folks has done to our environment. Remember when we were kids, we could drink straight away form the stream water, now even the fish shied away from it.

Anyway do have a nice day.

Pak Zawi said...

I cant remember when the Kelantan River was the colour of water. It can't be two decades ago as if it was just 2 decades, then I can still remember. Must be more than 3 decades. Even the harshest of drought can't make the water clear as high up in Lojing Highlands agricultural activities is pouring silt into the Sungai Brook which joined the Sungai Nenggiri which joined the Sungai lebir befor combining with Sungai Pergau to form The Kelantan River. Only the Sungai Pergau is clear but it cant dilute the yellow water from The Nenggiri and the Sungai Lebir. So who is minding the environment? Nobody!

Wan Sharif said...

Semuga kita di beri taufeek dan hidayah
untuk menunaikan tanggungjawab kita.. menjaga anugerah, nikmat dan rahmatNYA

hazeleyed lady said...

...i used to swim in the river back in my Atuk's village...during my childhood
but now???
Bribe me with gold dinar...and i wont do it!Hahaha!
( feeling almost chocked up and don't like what's happening to us Malays too...sighh!)

Bless you Pakmat.

pakmat said...

salam friends..nothing much can be done about the Yellow River of Kelantan short of a decree ending all activities in the southern hills of Gua Musang, where the river sources..I dont think throwing EM mudballs as they did in Penang will have any effect..which is a pity..kids and youth of the present grew up with it being yellow and unsustaining..whereas it was so different before..yes, PakZawi is right..it was more then 3 decades ago..when it took the dark hue of clear water..but for lesser rivers, where the tide is controlled by gates, like Sg. Kemasin, Bachok, stopping its natural flow is killing it..building sluice gates without taking into account the eco system is taking a toll on the river's natural ability to rejuvenate..

pakmat said...

pak idrus..these days you have to take a jungle trip to Pos Gob in order to get to streams and creeks with enough clear water tht you may dring straight from it..

pakzawi..you are right..it was more than 3 decades ago..when kids like us can fish and jump into Kelantan River..when its water is like water..Kelantan River is not dying..its dead..

wan sharif..susahnya sejauh mana kita sanggup menjalankan tugas sebagai kalifah?> sedangkan segalanya untuk tujuan politik?

hazel..you missed those times, too..when the river was as it should be..anything but yellow..we never learned, hazel..from others mistakes..or from ours..bless you, too, hazel..take care..

Anonymous said...

Which bridge is this, gertok Berahim Ali (expensive but at least he finished it) or jambatan Sultan YAhya( A bridge too long (almost 5 years)). Kerja politik.

Mat Cendana said...

[PART 1 OF 2]
Salam, Bang Mat. Had not visited here for quite some time, and there's a backlog of posts that I've not read yet. If it's of any comfort, I had not been to the other absorbing blogs either, including Kak Teh's, Fauziah Ismail, Puteri Kamaliah, Elviza (Oh, no!)... It's definitely not due to being disinterested. The main reason is that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't upgrade to a premium or deluxe daily package that has a few more hours added to this rigid and non-negotiable 24-hour day:-)

I'm in Selangor/KL now, and am involved with a number of concurrent projects that I simply want to do here and now. And to think that there was a time or times where I didn't have anything (not "much") to do! Quite a few people have asked me about various personal and work-related matters since I made the big move to here on May 25. And these are friends and wellwishers whom I've been fortunate enough to have known, and I feel I owe them a specific and detailed post at the "Recovery" blog that has been long-delayed.

Anyway, I'm extremely impressed with this particular post. And I'm not saying this just to please you. One of my jobs right now is related to "content creation and management" (note the `and' - panjang cerita..have to write that post very soon). Suffice to say for the moment that I now look at and think about various things, angles and possibilities when I read. There are a few aspects and elements here that shine through. I won't state them in detail right now - I'll do that later on, print with a laser printer on a company's letterhead and post them to you via registered PosLaju or other courier service... with an invoice for "Content and Editorial consultancy services rendered" Haha! Duduk di sini, macam-macam projek jadi nampak:-)

The Pictures -- I may not be an award-winning photographer or painter, but my sense of the aesthetics and *content* of various images aren't too bad. I think. And I'm definitely not timid when it comes to voicing an opinion... sometimes cutting in deep when the `By' is "Mat Cendana" (as opposed to "cendana287"..."the virtuous self that we all have". ) Well, I can honestly and sincerely say that "you have IT".


Mat Cendana said...

It's something like drawing (and I suck in this area) -- an acquaintance in Pasir Mas, despite his education limited to the SRP, and despite never having undergone any real training beyond the once-a-week "Lukisan & Kraftangan" double-period in school, creates better drawings than many who are with a diploma or degree in fine arts. "Is he working in the `seni' field"? No, he drives a taxi. Oh, he had also sold drugs once - morphine, heroin, pil kuda... It was at his house that I was arrested on Aug 11, 2005.

I'm confident that you'll consistently produce at least equal quality images - or better - even if you have only entry/mid-level (BUT NOT `toy-like') equipment; as compared to those with professional equipment but who have lesser abilities and skills - naturally present or/and learned. Mister X (ni bukan macam `Miss X' dalam kes mahkamah heheh!) may have a Nikon D3 with a RM500 bag full of lenses, filters, dedicated flashgun and Manfrotto tripod. His attire also smacks of `PRO', right down to the leather hiking boots with thick soles. Pak Mat Fahmy wears a RM15 trackbottom, nondescript collared t-shirt and RM5 vinyl sandals from Sungai Buloh. And his camera isn't a D-SLR or Four Thirds... just a compact Olympus mju. And a flimsy RM12 tripod from Tesco. They then take nature/landscape pixs like here, and then crop and edit all they want. I'll put my money on Pak Mat - at the very least he won't `kalah teruk' as in Chelsea versus Wigan.

Then there's the Content, of course; plus the Writing. What I see here, with some editing, is AT LEAST suitable for a daily. And to grace a magazine too, not to mention "online". In short, this is "professional" as in "paid" material; not just `suka-suka' (a useful face-saving justification that's commonly used when one gets rejected by the publications). I don't usually dish out advice - especially unsolicited - left and right on anything. But I do often share experiences and feelings; which AREN'T advice. This post - it's not an attempt "to be pandai..." And there's fairplay and objectivity here with the writer expressing things as they are, with no hidden agenda. I can elaborate, if Pak Mat or anyone is interested to know. BUT it will come with an invoice Heheh!

Okay, have to go... among other things, as a certified Knight of the Demi Negara Order, I'm going to follow up from the direction and angles Tengku KijangMas had laid out in his post last Sunday. This is unpaid work... or at least there won't be DIRECT income. This time, it won't be just the usual "hack and slash the deceitful anti-Malay, Muslim, Malaysia chumps and those standing in the way..." Now the Umno & BN types will be attacked too.

YuinTing said...

Hi Pakmat, a picture tells a thousand words... but some pictures tell a thousand of meaningless words (like those hypocrite politicians handing out a mock checks).

However, my dear Pak Chik, I can FEEL your picture. It's so sincere, inspiring, beautiful, and always manage to touch my heart. I agree with Mat Cendana, you're far better then some professional photographers!

curly hair said...

can't wait for the day when malaysia really go biggggg into environment....hmmm..

Bustaman said...

I saw the Kelantan River from the air. Sad. Maybe there is too much sand mining. Walahualam.

Mat Cendana said...

I hope it's not against the law to return and write yet again despite having already dumped two `guni jalur' of comment yesterday:-)

I had opened the first pix to its full size with IrfanView and I fully understand why Yuin Ting has described it as "inspiring", which is just one of the adjectives for it.

This is a piece that's a genuine credit to the art and science of photography, and its potential ability to stir and stimulate minds.

To me, I'd describe the result here as "artistic in a quiet and elegant way". Its Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah or Cinderella `step-sister equivalence' is the photo that also attracts... due to its loud and gaudy features (from filters, massive Photoshop editing/addings).

The seemingly `solid' river, the sunlight spots and also the shadows, the river's turn, the trees and the pieces of rotting wood... Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

The green is due to incomplete sewage treatment or absence of sewage treatment. the yellow is due incomplete or absence of erosion and sediment control

pakmat said...

salam anon 1sept 13:15..as in every bridges, there's too much water flowing under them..:)

Anonymous said...

Salam pakmat..
admiring your way with words and images.. i heart the first image v much.. made me just sat here with mouth wide open but speechless..
keep posting!
and selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir batin.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Pakmat, Holy Smoke! Must be some sleepy people in the local government maybe never noticing all these.
Kelantan during the '70s as I remember really beautiful....and I have been or passed thru these places long ago.

Its a pity, sad too that beauty like these not realized.
Out of curiosity PakMat, don't the local press buat bising, exposed these scenes, mention names of those responsible?

Here in Toronto...our press, our journalists don't take prisoners! What with h/phones able to take pictures, within seconds sent to the 3 National newspapers...and by afternoon's edition or next morning, habis cherita.
Names of the managers or orang besar published, and the fireworks display start....

Even the Datuk Bandar is not spared. Only yesterday his name was mentioned, that he is more suited to be in a circus as a clown, than as mayor.
Chief of police pun kena goreng, bungkus if whatever happens that shouldn't be.
Our datuk bandar recently kena parking ticket, parked at a no waiting zone! He paid!

And every morning, all the top government officials, MPPs, MPs, PM semua buka papers check out whether their names being published for whatever....tengok kena goreng or stir fried, ha ha.

If road works, and the road not smooth back like before, the contractor, relevant government dept, the big boss kena goreng....and within 24 hours, road smooth, cannot feel any bump.

PakMat, Pantai Irama was really beautiful....can't the MP there do something? And that Sungei Kemasih?
Best regards, Lee.

sot said...

Salam Pak Mat, the truth never been nice to tell especially when we have destroying God given environment like nobody's business. And when some honest 'mat salleh' gave an honest comment about our beautiful country with water in the river looks like 'teh tarik'. We get so sensitive and barking the tree again and again without learning nothing.

Anonymous said...

Project Kemasin Semerak control the flow of water in and out for the benefit of farmers . It's not a natural flow anymore, that is the price when u 'play' with nature.
You have to choose , for the farmers their land is not flooded with sea/salty water.
Give Kelantan what they deserve from oil/gas exploited from their offshore area maybe they don't have to exploit the jungle to the maximum.
Remember prostitute don't do their job for fun, they do that as their last choice of earning money.

pakmat said...

salam guys..no, I do not have a hidden agenda here, being strictly apolitical..just concerned and trying, perhaps, to express my conscientious dissent and unhappines at the going ons and general disregard for the environment..

mat chendana,..that was a mouthful..but you do have a flair for prose.,.and I cannot claimed too much credit what my s320 nikon did..for I just sets it to scene, point and shoot..and the last pic of sg. Kelantan was a image googled for I was willing to brace the endofRamadan traffic..so, I supposed, it was a bit undeserved..

anon 2nd September 08:46..tq for the enlightenment..

debest....you r a geologist..you should have your own take on this, effects of extensive and uncontrolled loggings and such..selamat hari raya to you too..take care..

uncle lee..Toronto and Bachok?..light years apart..but this is the bumi tht pakmat pijak..and that is the sky that pakmat junjong..but you take care in Toronto, uncle lee..take care..remember, ours is a dying species..cheers..

sot..you got a point there.,.kita sensitive ditempat yang salah..truth always hurts..maybe we should start a Save Kelantan River group..:) salam Ramadan.sot..dan selamat hari raya..

pakmat said...

salam ytc..maybe my pic is worth a thousand meaningless words..:) for environment is last on everbody's list..

salam curly hair..me, too..just cant wait..most cashiers at supermarts gave me a look when I turned down plastic bags..

salam pokku..and welcome to my blog..it is sad, yes..and it should not be like this..

pakmat said...

..salam anon 4th September, 00:56..
PKS has been around for almost 30 years..among its aim..Mejadikan kawasan IADA Kemasin Semerak sebagai satu kawasa pertanian ynag maju dengan pengeluaran yang tinggi, petani yang progresif dan persekitaran yang indah dan harmoni. and I repeat..persekitaran yang indah dan harmoni..let's not debate about its cost effectiveness after so many years..but I would expect some reflections be done by the powers that be as to the impact it has on the eco-system..and tobacco is no more its main benefactors..and only 1/4 is the total land area devoted to padi..but Sungei Kemasin deserves a better deal..losing a river for minimal benefits, imho, is not the way to do it..
..in in end it is always about choices..as in your prostitute analogy..our last frontier are the hills in Lojing and surrounding area..even the Orang Asli knew about the importance of catchment area..and if we chose to prostitute our jungles, then we should expect reprisals from future generations..which is not so bad..but when the reprisals came from nature itself?

..salam hari raya, anon..

Anonymous said...

Whilst browsing to find anything related to Sungai Kelantan, I bumped onto this page, and couldn't be more surprised with the situation...

I believe the greenish and full-of-algae water bodies in Kemasin is partly caused by the excessive/uncontrolled usage of fertilizers which predominantly consisting Nitrate and Phosphorus. These two chemical substances are the main cause of 'eutrophication' phenomenon, reducing further the oxygen content in the water, and not a single respiring (oxygen dependent) organism can live in....However, green plants will be flourishing.. because they have what they need, the N and P (fertilizers), and CO2(for photosynthesis). That's what we see in the photos exactly...

And poor wastewater treatment could lead to the same thing, since wastewater will produce nitrate as by-product after all the biosolids decomposed ....

All in all, it's still our fault, as human , neglecting the survival of other organism, and could be caused by sheer ignorance in the name of 'profitability'. Just my 21cent..

pakmat said...

,,thank you for your 21cent..but I have to disagree with you there..no, its not because of ignorance..profeswsionals are manning semerak kemasin..but like most governent servants, they placed more importance or schedules and timetables without taking into account the cause and effect..

Anonymous said...

salam pakmat,

had a chance to be there, pantai irama, last 2 weeks, for the first time in my life, looking at the river, secretly wishing for the sight of pakmat, so we could do the environmental talk while munching ccolek stol that tasted like ubat gegat (syyyyy dun tell the makcik that i said so)..

we geologists, all we can do up till this moment is giving advise based on research + knowledge. maybe later in life, we'll be able to do more, i wish..

salam tahun baru

pakmat said...

..ah, debest..selamt tahun baru to you, too..and you were at Irama..then you saw the condition of the finger lake..more like dumping waste water lake to me..sorry about the colek..wife made the best in bachok..but she stopped..had to concentrate onher small hair saloon next to the goldsmith and next to maybank, bachok..next time you r in bachok and in need of a haircut or a facial, look her up..