Tuesday, 10 August 2010

..Tuesday's anecdote..

..they say a rolling stone does not gather moss..but if you travelled long and lived long enough, you gather stories..sometimes, a story like this:..

..there was this lady who had a cad for a husband..even though he had a decent job, he was on the verge of losing it through drinking, gambling and womanising..always short of money, and never getting any from him, except, sometimes, a slap and a kick, she took to doing odd jobs within the neighbourhood, washing clothes and  minding babies..enough to keep her two children in school..through it all, it never occurred to her to ask for a divorce..to suggestions from sympathetic friends and relatives, she just smiled..even the local imam quoted her as an example of a lady with iman..a lady of piety who never missed her solat, with an unwavering trust in the Lord..

..time passed..

..until one day she went in a huff to see the imam..she wanted a divorce..and wanted it immediately..

..why, asked the perplexed imam, thinking, perhaps, she had reached the end of her tethers...
..does he still gamble?..no, not anymore..
..does he still drink?..no, not anymore..
..solat?..never misses..even does the night solat..
..money?..he gave half of his salary..
..oh..he still kicks you around..no..never raise a finger now..
..then, why?...he has taken on another wife..and that, I cannot stand..


Wan Sharif said...

Sifat tak mahu di duakan
tak mahu di syarikatkan
Itu salah satu sifat Allah..
menyengutukan Allah adalah dosa yang tak terampun..
menyengutukan isteri..??
Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan AlMubarak

June Malik said...

i would have done the same :)

Anonymous said...

salam ramadhan

though never been kicked and slapped, i do believe that this is soooooooo true with our women..
from my experience rama ttino hok kesoh toklaki tok kijo duk belekar dumoh make pitih bini, tapi selok kaeng ready to ggocoh bilo toklaki jeling ko anok daro umoh sebeloh..

naba the mutant said...

this, made me smile. plus a comment from takbest...:)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

So that's the 'ultimate no go zone huh'...

Hahaha takbest can be mistaken as my Ah Soh lah....kekeke


pakmat said...

salam Wan..itu susahnyer..we think in terms of menyekutukan isteri..whereas it is a test..both on husbands and wives..and it is up to Him for He knows what we do not, and it is up to us to seek..if it is bad, God would have forbid it..

salam JM..and I would not blame you..:)

salam takbest..love that hmmmmm..penuh bermaana..and loved you blog tu..will comment there..selamat berpuasa, debest..

salam naba the mutant..yes, smile..polygamy has always been the theme for jokes..but pots and pans flying and mengena kat dahi is no joke..:) cheers..

pakmat said...

..what?..you understand Kelantan speak, Tommy..she's too young to be your Ah Soh..but she had a point.. about Kelantanese ladies, that is..:)..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

tapi selok kaeng ready to ggocoh bilo toklaki jeling ko anok daro umoh sebeloh..

Now's that's a universal WOMEN's speaking, that's when u go juling seeing stars....kakaka

drwati said...

salam pakmat,
when he was in his darkest hours his wife stood by him, probably prayed for him day and night so that he will become soleh, and when she has helped him out of the hellhole, errr..he takes another?

for the wife (obviously i'm on her side) she might want the divorce because she knows her limit of endurance, if he takes another she would not be able to remain 'bersangka baik dgn Allah', hence the decision....

to me the husband is still zalim here, he has neglected his first family and now he wants to create another? he should be thinking how to make his wife happier, takes away her burden providing for the family and together teach the children to be solihin

dia mungkin bertaubat dari judi dan arak tapi dia belum bertaubat dari menyakiti isterinya

just providing you a woman's point of view..

salam ramadhan to you, and amin to your doĆ” in your latest entry :)

pakmat said...

..salam drwati..all the best, doc..fasting in a foreign land..it must be hard..appreciate you pov..:) it is just a story..and there are always many sides to an argument..:)..selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan..semoga diberkati Allah sentiasa...take care..