Saturday, 28 August 2010

..desert moon..

.. we all have our Desert Moon..a place and a time we wished we can go back to..

..wishing for those times when we were younger..yearning for those places that gave us joy and exhilaration...or that someone who was special..when love was just an ember..and life itself was tender..always magical..

...if there is one moment in time that I can go back to, it has to be 1957, when I was barely 13 and in Batu Gajah, was just a walk down-hill from where home was..a huge, double-storey bungalow on Owen Road..and the object of puppy love was a girl named Hariah, a perpetually grinning kid from the next class..

..on the day Tunku shouted 'Merdeka!' in Kuala Lumpur, a place I had never been, I was one happy kid..Hariah signed my autograph book..

..Happy 53rd Merdeka Day, every one..

..May it be as joyous and as happy as it has always been for me..throughout the years...



Anonymous said...

salam. pak mat, i dont know how old u are but u do look old. but, desert moon was one of my favorite when i was young....thank u for posting it here. btw, your blog is one of my fav too.

pakmat said...

salam anon..I am old..very old..enjoying today's music and relaxing with the music of my time..those cliff richard days..happy 53rd Merdeka..cheers..and take care..

Nur Misnan said...

salam pak mat
oh dear.. i love this video clip..
mengingatkan aku sewaktu dalam darjah 2..

Mak selalu nyanyi lagu ni..
thanks pak mat and Happy merdeka day..

selamat berjaga 10 malan terakhir ramadhan.. =)

bdw.. i think i know ur age.. almost 70.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

PatMat, it's all just distance memory for me. I just couldn't recognize my old playground anymore & I don't feel comfortable with all them changes over they years :((


P/S - instead of that mustang, bet yours was a Morris Minor back then :))

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Pakmat....really nice have you dropped by my pondok. I do not have a link, so unable to chari so far away at Bachok, nak nanti bus pun susa, ha ha. were in Batu Gajah then.....1957?
Back in the '70s I used to go those areas, the Dindings, Kampong Koh, Tanjong Tualang, Batu Gajah, Pantai Remis....Sitiawan, Pangkor Island practically every months.

Oh ya, used to go fishing for udang galah at the rivers too.

That railway lines before entering BG always disturbed my Alfa Romeo's low suspension, ha ha.
Wow, she must have been a real beauty, huh?

Selamat berpuasa to you and have a great hari Merdeka.....I was there.....Aug 31st, Stadium Merdeka.


pakmat said...

..salam nur..age is always relative..and not something I am suffering from..yet..:) and you take care..

..salam tommy..I passed by BGajah recently..and I could not recognised english teacher at Anderson School, Ipoh drove one those MMinor..convertible..and I remember the joy of getting a ride from him..

pakmat said...

..hello, lee..yeah..let's have a great Merdeka Day, lee..wished you were here..cheers..

Tumin said...


That was a very sweet memory. I like the way how you drew the analogy...

May you have a great Merdeka day!


pakmat said...

..salam Tumin..53 years on, nothing to shout about..but yeah, the memory was sweet..and those pics of you and family were sweet, too..cheers..