Thursday, 26 August 2010

..cats and such..

..there is always something about cats..
..that endears..

..Ayam, not too happy at Pakmat's reading of June Malik's blog..

..Pakteh doing the rounds with wife..a body-guard of sorts..

..Mekbu, our blind tabby.., Cat-in-Sydney, I did not have her spayed..
..for I do not have the heart..
..her joy romping with her kittens is too much for me..
..let her be..for she cannot see..
..but can feel..
..Ayam, when Mekbu was but a kitten..


Justiffa said...

Alahai pakmat theres just something about cats & kitties that just pulls at my heartstrings <3

prinseshouri said...

saya sangat sayang kucing..mahu peluk itu kucing.

June Malik said...

tell ayam, me no harm, sayang kucing ..u only read my blog aje heheeh ..

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
Finally...I get to see all members of my cat patrol in Bachok. It's your choice not having her spayed but kesian....What my Mama did was give Nicole and Tom one chance of having kittens and then...snip snip. As for me, no way I'm going to let those boys "touch" me. eeeuuuwww... purrr....meow!