Saturday, 31 July 2010


..I have been  resting from blogging for the past two weeks..doing nothing except listened to my body..listening to the creaks and groans of old bones..and the soft growl of the stomach..there is this ache in the left shoulder that I ignored..but I got the message..that  I am no longer what I used to be..

..I listened, too, to my wife..and she was telling me about items and things in the house that have served its time, ber, beyond economical repair, but still taking its place in the house..she said it archly, but  I knew she was referring to the old washing machine that gave up on a spin, the transistor radio in the bedroom that still emits it red led lights but no sound, table lamps that became decorative after the bulb would not light up and some bicycles and wheelbarrows rusting outside..

..I hope she was not referring to me...hmm..

..but I followed my fellow bloggers' postings...and enjoyed them silently, with a guffaw here and there..Zenda's protest against KLORR and her favourite bukit..she climbed so high just to wave a red flag?..most wives did it within the safety of their bedrooms..Puteri Kama and her oilriggers..well, there was once a man and a served in the kitchen whilst woman studied for a degree..against family's wishes got married..two kid later woman wanted not her drum of oil..leaving man gasping in the open sea, fighting the oil spills..Justiffa and her 18yr-old..18yr-olds these days are ripe and ready for marriage..Pak Idrus at his Melaka retreat..and the Siamese twins conjoined at the bottom of the Meow Factor ..and others, of course, that appeared in my blog-roll..but I did not respond with was busy listening to my body...and an ear to my wife..

..but I watched with elation Tommy's entry into FB.. take care on the tricycle, Tommy...dont forget to hang that L-plate..


Pak Idrus said...

Pakmat, Great narrative of life on the go. The reality of living.

Well as for those things in the house, like I often tell my spouse that it also 'sakit tua'. Now we no longer keep those things. I just gave it away to friends or relative and if the did not want it I would just put it at the trash collecting site with a note that the container is 'halal' or the appliance is still in working order. Most of the time it vanished into thin air before I go and have a second look. [This culture of giving things I learned while living in the US]

As for old clothing I just pack it put it in the boot of my car and gives it relative telling them it still could be use and if they did not want it, to pass it on to others or use is cleaning things.

In that way I have managed to get rids of all the unused things and in the process made the receivers happy and of course Us happy too.

Well at this age there is no use of keeping all those things anymore. Moreover living in the city, space is limited and storing things that we do not use is wasting space.

Thanks for visit my blog. We are indeed enjoying it here in Malacca for this weekend. Have a nice day.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
Rest easy, mate. At least you don't have to race after conjoint twins like my Mama. roar! roar! roar!

Wan Sharif said...

with all the listening, gasping and fighting oil spills in the open sea.. glad to see that you can still keep it coming..

hazeleyed lady said...

...get well soon pakmat. Take care.

NanaDJ said...

Take care, Saudara Mat, and have a good rest. I actually miss your postings. Salam

Justiffa said...

The funny thing about resting is, kalau lama2 sgt jadi bertambah penat, dunno why. so dear pakmat, dont go resting for too long k ;p

Osso, we miss you la. jdbb.

mekyam said...
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mekyam said...

*phew* thank god you're just quietly busybodying while listening to your own body and your body's own.

wise man! :D

i hear you, pakmat. but have to admit to being a bit disturbed by, to quote s&g, the sound of silence.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Pak Mat, it’s good to have a rest every now & then. But don’t ever stop what u love doing, u know the saying, once u stop the wheels will drop off., betul tak?

Yes, when u come to clearing ‘junks’ from your house what Pak Idrus mentioned is very valid. My policy is simple; ask yourself would u be using this stuff in the next 12 month? If not, out it goes…hehehe. Things r not build to last nowadays anyway, all r meant to be disposable, matter of time b4 we old coots / humans r classified as such too, no joke.

This one 4u to ponder;

When I’m 64


P/S - Wah, the fb super highway is dominated by the craze road raging females….kakaka, men got no fight. To them, when a woman makes a fool of a man, it is usually an improvement….subdued
smirk kekeke.

See lah how mekyam pushed me aside to comment b4 me even in here :))

mekyam said...

pakmat, tommy fitnah!

i didn't even touch him. last i saw him, he was trying on borat's mankini at pi bani's site. *aaargh!*

and i, to quote ol' sam coleridge...

like one who, on a lonely road,
doth walk in fear and dread,
and, having once turned round, walks on,
and turns no more his head;
because he knows a frightful fiend
doth close behind him tread

... hightailed it here leaving only my skidmarks.


Zendra-Maria said...

Dear Pakmat, I bet that in your hey-days you had to deal with more than the couple of those metaphorical red flags each and every month :)

pakmat said...

salam Pak Idrus..wht I worry is tht one day she might find me no longer of use..just a lump of non-functioning body tissue..perhaps she can contemplate putting me in a box..
..most times I just waited for the gunnysack man to come and collect..

my dear days of racing after cats or kind were long gone..but nothing preventing me from casting some sly glances..:)

salam Wan r not dead until you r dead..until then..

salam hazel, thank you..and you get well, too..:)

salam nanaDJ..the flow is now in spits and spurts..will forgive an old man..but he's not giving up yet..:)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

So mekyam, u’d dropped the ‘R’ (hard for Apek to roll my tongue on this Arelerrr) from fRiend to refer me as a fiend :(((

And I too, to quote rita Coolidge (no relation to sam);

We’re All Alone

Pakmat this song for u too, nice ya?


P/S – Hi Zee, betul u kata, (semalam I tak talipon pon) that ‘red flag’ not turning up, had always been my greatest worry in my teenage years...kekeke

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Dear Pak Mat,
Glad you are having a good rest. My parents describe their lives now as "RTM" -- "Rehat, Tidur, Makan". Tsk tsk. Pensioners.
Gee, you're on FB too? Please add me lah!

pakmat said...

..salam Justi..tq..I've been jdbb'ing myself..just a lil bit sensitive to my body..thinking of the things that I can still do at 65..a bit slow, but still can..hehehe..and some things are best enjoyed at a leisurely pace..but I see that you are one not about to decrease speed yet..but all your systems are, take care..

salam r into simon&garfunkel?..sheesh..I was so much younger must be just a kid..and I was very much in love, then..'But my words, like silent raindrops fell And echoed
In the wells of silence'
but that was a long time I am listening to my body..:)

pakmat said...

salam again both Tommy and MekYam..:)I always ponder on life's regenerative process..the old making way for the new..the brevity of my time..toddlers and children move me..for I see in them a future that I am not part of..and decades from now, my grandchildren's children will try to look back into their not too distant past..and perhaps locate a flame called pakmat, that once shone a light into their present..and perhaps catch the fading laughter and tears of my time that echoes into their present..

..but this playful strife between the sexes will continue..and Tommy, you indeed have this ability to bring out the best in the fair sex..and MekYam , you quoting Coleridge gives me goosepimples..for I am, indeed, an old man, easily moved by words..the power of words..and imagery it evokes never failed to astound me.. have both of you over coffee with snacks and bites in some verdant corner of this earth..and ramble and muse over experiences of joy and sadness..

pakmat said...

salam Zen..metaphorical, did you say?, lady..for pakmat it was as physical a flag as it could get..:)

Dear CO78..which is not so bad..Rehat Tidor Makan..:) others it is KSM..Kerja Sampai Mati..but I will definitely add you on FB..take care..

Pak Idrus said...

Pakmat, I do not think she would throw you out, unless you start to get rashes!! And... Take care.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
See, you rest for too long now all your readers come up with stuffs - rashes lah, red flag lah, RTM, KSM... roar! roar! roar!