Friday, 23 July 2010

..degenerative parents and polygamy..

..for the past few days, the NST ran stories about street children who lived in abandon building of the city..children who dropped out from school and family and became denizens of a jungle where it is all concrete..children who made 'pest infected buildings' their home.. of their feature writers, Chok Suat Ling, blames it on the parents..Dysfunctional kids are the result of dysfunctional parents. she further wrote that ..'family values and ties are disintegrating..All one needs to do is scan the newspapers....the headlines say it all: Parent sues children..daughter kills mother, stabs father in stomach..newborn burnt to death in garbage bin..senior citizens dumped by son at bus stand...MP takes actress as second wife'..

oh..oh..MP takes actress as second wife..?  come on, CSL..that's a bit like hitting below the belt for us polygamists..and I think an unfair poke against the MP..I mean grouping his marriage to the actress under the same section of the Penal Code as that of daughter killing mother and stabbing father..newborn burnt to death in garbage bin...and senior citizen dumping son at bus stand..

..I see him a little foolish with the actress, yes, but I am sure he will try his utmost to keep his family values and ties intact..and I am certain he is far from being a dysfunctional parent..

..oh, well, to quote Aminah Assilmi, a newly convert, who added a disclaimer to her Syahadah due to her initial ignorance..I bear witness that there is no god but God and Mohammed is His Messenger...but if my husband takes another wife, I will castrate him...



ozz said...

Dear PakMat,
Reading your last sentence made me think and smile......I've heard this similar words a few days ago.....errr...and I still can hear the echoes.

Pak Zawi said...

I bet she isn't the only moslem who will castrate the husband for taking another wife...

June Malik said...

i like her a lot :)

naba the mutant said...

dear pak mat,

Your blog is fast becoming the pro-polygamist blog; in addition to the existing pro-pembangkang or pro-kerajaan blogs....*wink*

Zendra-Maria said...

ooopsie... ".and senior citizen dumping son at bus stand.."- this is not deliberate, is it pakmat? I mean the reversal of dumper and dumpee?

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Agreed Pak Mat, that was a low blow by the writer. But pray tell, how did u got away not once but twice, didn't u get that 'Eunuch or Bobbit threat?


P/S - I knew of a senior citiZEN that dumped her youngest son in an Island without proper toilet facilities tho...kakaka.

pakmat said...

..yes. Ozz..I think most husbands must have heard it before..God allows polygamy..there must be something good in it..Islam encompasses all manner of

hi, PakZawi..heard about the lady who cut off her hubby's bird whilst he was sleeping, hung it to a balloon and let it out of the window?..

hi, JuneM..:)

dear naba the Mutant..nah..I am not spewing fire and brimstone like those so called political blogs..but I am pro Islam..and finding the nonsense being bandied around by those self confessed Islam fighters at bit this late yrs, I just try to be a good muslim..:)

pakmat said...

hi, wouldn't, would you?

hi, wearing a chastity belt?..heheh..
p.s..would that island be, by any chance, Cotton Island, off the coast of Trengganu?..

pakmat said...

I just realised that Aminah Assilmi died on the 6th of March, 2010 from a car accident whilst returning from a speaking engagement in New York..

Red Alfa said...

Salam pakmat

Senior to sitiZen wants junior to learn from a lanun who stayed true & single on his cotton island for 20 odd years in spite he's always in company of mek-mek more usually clad in less than bikinis! It must be true iman and love for his only one?

Junior must learn from other than senior who also doesn't do having 2, 3 or 4 because his senior hanya tahu kira satu zen sahaja, lebeh zen dari itu tak pandai macam mana nak handle, alhamduliLah!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hiya RA, don’t lah misunderstand me. I didn’t mean dumped as in abandon mah. I know exactly what u said lah & fully agree, Junior needs to learn more life skill especially from sifu like our pirate and parents must appreciate that their young need to be thrown in the deep end to develop their character building skill that aren’t available in most school syllabus and parents can only teach so much.

Tommy too was sent to my very own ‘Shaolin temple’ & ‘Hard Rock Café’ for some hardship training to enable me to face life with more zeal & able to take on whatever life throw at them.

So I think young Ace will be fully prepared be a force to be reckoned with in times to come with his upbringing, ‘pirate’s outward bound school type of kung-fu’ training, tough hardened Scottish resolve, and not to mention Mummy’s zen skill….hahaha.


P/S - I hope Ace will be a true Jedi Knight unlike Tommy's hovering 50/50 between the Dark & Bright side :)))

Red Alfa said...

Yo Tommy,

No worries, mate!

Always been fair dinkum, yer!

mekyam said...

salam patmat,

speaking of polygamy, one of the most read bks of 2010 over here is "the lonely polygamist" by brady udall.

it's a wonderful read, kinda tragicomic.

of course it's abt an american polygamist, one of the mormons, and not one of our own. but thought i'd mention it just in case any of our men want to compare situs. :D

pakmat said...

Dear MekYam..polygamists are lonely..shunned by friends and sundry..but we learned to live with it..and acquire new friends..and sometimes new wives..:) heheh..
cheers..and take care in the big apple..