Thursday, 15 October 2009

..stations in life..

..whenever I chanced upon old colleagues or departmental mates of former offices where I once worked, I would, inevitably be asked, 'so..what are you doing now?' ...which will get various response from me.. sometimes I said, hbgm - hayong batu gi mari.. sometimes I said, nothing.. upon learning that I really am doing nothing, except enjoying my twilight years, they were usually surprised..

.. I understood their surprise...for they have seen me with my circle of friends that I usually moved around, then ..mostly successful men in the contracting and business field..but then I was a government officer, and friends were easier to keep.

...but as a government employee, I had never thought of being otherwise..even though there were opportunities..I had not really planned for employment after retirement.. I had then thought that retirement was the cut-off point between work(gainfully employed) and retired(finis..doing nothing..draw monthly pension, ..a slow walk towards the sunset.)

.. Called me stupid, if you must..for, indeed, I was.

.there was, of course, life after is just a matter of planning for it, do some adjustments and simply just go for it..age was never a factor..attitude is..but in this oldster's case, I just let it be..not wanting to be anything else except just a retiree..

..and, I think, on most counts, I am ok..not much money, but not much debts either..and sleep is sound..

..whilst not every one is destined to break through the clouds and play among the stars..we all have our station in life.. while others leave their launch-pad and took a trajectory that will take them up high, touching the moon along the way, there are some that remain below the launch-pads..not getting higher than the edge of the grass stalks..and not for want of trying.. or for the lack of will to dream..but that is their stations in life..and if, everyday, we give our thanks to our Maker for our daily bread, accepting His will, His designs, then, I think, God, in His Greatness, will give us His blessings...

...Happy Deepavali...


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Pakmat, When a man retires and time is no longer a matter of urgent importance, his colleagues generally present him with a watch.

When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income.
And a retired husband is often a wife's full-time job.

Love this posting in Canada, the retirement age is 65.
Can see you taking it easy. This way very good, relax the heart, no stress, no need pills...for ulcers, ha ha.
Pergi kedai kopi with friends buka cherita watch the World go by.

I retired at 60 as I had a bad fall and had hurt my back. I slipped on an icy step in Winter.
Nasib baik ta'jadi like Hunchback of Notredame.
Took 6 months to recover back my John Wayne style walking, ha ha.

Isteri still working, so I'm home alone with my Apple....but just to keep my otak from jadi sayor champur, as well make some loose change, nak beli rokok, ha ha....I fool around with buying and selling stocks.

I chari those kachang puteh mining, or diamond (Canada's diamond mines very much in demand) or mineral stocks....especially analysing siapa buying,,,and if see China interested, I buy some...bila naik, enough beli rokok, chabut! Ha ha.

You keep well, PakMat and have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

pakmat said...

..ahh,, lee..twice the husband half the salary..and, may I add, 1/5 the energy?? hehe..

rizal hashim said...

Pak Mat, sometimes we realise most of the things we aspire for and to be are a station too far! Count our blessings, that's the message kan!

Uncle Lee, what do you do with that extra money!!!! HAhaha. You have money to burn as your station in life is almost surreal to others!