Sunday, 25 October 2009

..some things are inevitable..

..inevitably the wife of a close friend who had taken on a second wife for the past one year, came to this old coot, and spilt her heart out..pouring out her grievances amid sobs and tears..which put this old man in a quandary...after all her husband is a friend..and you do not generally bad-mouthed your friend to his wife.. she had just found out his 'infidelity'... so I hmmmed and I hawed..and I listened..and I waited until she has exhausted of things to tell..

..she wanted divorce.. and leads to a good bomoh..he had been charmed, she said. They all said that. Now that he had his new flame, she wanted out. They all wanted that, too. Her mind was set...She wanted me to show her to a good bomoh..Someone told her that there is a reputable bomoh in Bachok..and that Pakmat knows the man..

...her husband was one of those nouveau rich..had struggled as a contractor and suddenly found himself had it made..and like most men in such a position, decided to auger his position by taking another wife..

..I cannot help her on both counts..I cannot help put asunder what God had put together..and I cannot show her the way to a bomoh for I do not want to stand later as an accessory..

..and so, rightly or wrongly, I said I am sorry..


hani@debumelukut said...

Mengait bintang di langit itu mudah.
Menjadikan mentari beku itu mudah.
Meredakan badai yang menggila itu pun mudah
Tidak ada yang lebih payah dari meyakinkan hati isteri yang pernah di curangi..

pakmat said...

cikgu hani..agreed..this oldster learned that a long time ago..(when you read it, post posted sebelum siap..pakmat tersilap tekan kekunci..maaf..versi siap saperti diatas..

Anonymous said...

Sad and even sadder she has decided a bomoh to help her with her problems.

I just hope men are more responsible and not be so selfish

Anyway alhamdulillah you did not agree to her request.

pakmat said...

..salam's easy to lose sense of proportions and perpective when in sulch a I do not really blame this oldster, polygamy is a test from God..few passes..