Wednesday, 28 October 2009

..some reasons why i loved Bachok..

..Masjid Paya Mengkuang,Kampong Sungei, near my house..
..I can hear the muezzin's call to prayer
as one of the speakers is aimed directly
towards my home..

..Mak Sah at her vegetables stall, Bachok small Wet and Dry Market..
...widowed and stoical,
she is cheery and always gives me generous discounts..

..searching for edible shells in shallow waters along the beaches of is fun outing for the whole family..

..wife is from Bachok..
..runs a small hair and beauty shop in Bachok, ladies only.. and middle-aged
mothers formed her main clientele..most are her friends..who often
dropped in not for the cut but for a chat..
..and respite from the shopping heat..

..Bachok damsels are known for their independent ways and friendliness..
..putting henna on nails..

..our often heard but never seen MP..

..wide roads, no cars..
..which makes driving easy for this old coot..
..even then, since retirement 9 years ago, had been signaled off
the road twice by a siren blaring, blue lights flashing lead outrider
of a motorcade ferrying god know how many v's ip to god knows where..
..leaving this oldster grumbling..if there are so many v's in their ip, can't the
plane or the meeting wait for them..?
..instead of dashing at neck-breaking speed..sending chickens
and cats helter-skelter..?

..wife giving coot a haircut..
..the only man allowed in when there are
no hens around..pic censured by wife....

..rm2 a packet for this steam rice with fried spicy chicken..
..asked why she sells it cheaply at rm2 a bungkus, she said she
pitied the school children who generally have
not enough money to buy..she adjusted
the portion and lower her profit..
..sunrise in front of home..the air is fresh, oxygen rich and
pollutant free..

..Pasar Malam, Pantai Irama, Bachok..
..held every Friday after Asar until 10 in the night..
..from bundle shoes to coconut floats..

..keropok lekor..
..unbeknown to most, Bachok has an active keropok lekor cottage
industry..mostly fringing the beach..

..all pictures except of MP(tagged from www) are taken with my handphone..the Sony-Ericsson K800i that my children will not be seen dead with..


Pak Man laksam said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Mat,
Menarik sungguh cara Pak Mat persembahkan kisah Bachok nih....ambo suka.
Tenkiu Pak Mat.

Pak Man laksam said...

Pak Mat,
Ambo nak mintak kebenaran nak tulis sikit kisah ni dalam blog ambo.
Tenkiu Pak Mat.

pakmat said...

..salam, pak man laksam..
..wah..dapat gaye nya dapat pablisiti lah blog ambo..giliran ambo pulok untuk kata..tenkiu pak man..hebat jugok blog demo..guano tak jumpa..oloh ketua..mata kurang cerah..:}

faraulah said...


Pak Mat,

Mohon izin nak linkkan blog Pak Mat di Blog Ambo.

Ambo ore Bachok jugo...dok di Kg Pengkalan Haji Ali.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello PakMat, your postings always brings back beautiful memories to me.
You sure have a lovely isteri there, a lady with a heart of gold too, 'cutting her profit' for those less fortunae kids. Really heart warming bachan this. Good for her, outstanding!

Love your pics too....and I remember the many times I stopped at Bachok, Tumpat for coffee, or ikan percik, ayam percik.
Trengannu was nasi dagang by the riverside.

Used to go to one particular store, lupa nama jalan, but a main road, his nasi lemak was out of this world....and it was there I met a long lost friend. After 15 years.

Gua Musang, Kuala Krai...that small motel about 12 rooms atas bukit, and at nights cannot park the car bawa those electric wires, habis say kereta, the thousads of burongs downloading macham 2nd ww bombers.

Okay, when saya bila pergi Kelantan, will bring my isteri isteri punya kedai....get her hair done up. No need the henna, ha ha.
She accept Canadian $$$? Ha ha ha.

PakMat, you keep well and have a great week...go chari those clams by the beach, Lee.
Senang datang.

Oldstock said...

Salam Pak Mat,

Saya baca yang MP Bachok bukan orang asal sana... betul ke?

hazeleyed said...

Ass-salam pak Mat
glance through your blog...straight away fall in luv...hahaha
so here i am... romantic getting yer hair cut by yer own beloved!

Anonymous said...

salam pak mat,

saya suka english pak mat, ajar saya tak?

ain - silent reader

pakmat said...

Salam Faraulah..Pengkalan Hj Ali terlalu dekat dgan rumah situa ini di Pengkalan Baru..hmm..anak kelantan dirantau..jdbb..don't mind pink sometimes..:)

Dear Uncle Lee..first let this old coot smile..:)..having pangs of nostalgia, hey..? and someone alluded to you as a Tan Sri..and somehow pakmat not surprised..having moved around with kings and such, I am sure you are titled..and home is where the heart is, Lee..but as I said earlier, wherever the earth that you stand upon, that's the sky that you carry..and my sky is Bachok..a teenie weenie place in Kelantan..

..nasi dagang by the riverside in K.Trengganu..must be near Pasar Payang..a stone throw from Istana Maziah, Bukit Puteri..

..Bachok has its share of ikan and ayam percik..but the motel up on a hill in Kuala Krai is no more.. more cari clam this few days..the weather has started to change and waves are getting rougher..

..yes, lee, come back to Kelantan should u be in Malaysia..saya belanja isteri hair job..

..and you have a good time there, too..tell me when the temp drops minus zero..

Salam Oldstock..pakmat discovered Uncle Lee thro your MP is not from Bachok..from Kedah..and wives generally hate it when brothers gang up..and their green antennae will be in auto-mode..:)

salam hazeleyed..this oldster has stopped falling in love 4 years ago..since reaching 60..tak berani..:)wife giving me hair cut?..nothing to do with romance, lady..just being practical..but agreed on the 'beloved'..

pakmat said...

..salam, ain silent reader..I wished I could, but obviously I can't..but I can give you some tips..i)read, as much as possible..anything at all..books, novels..comics..newspapers..skip/guess words you don't know..ii)keep your sentences short and simple..and don't use bombastic words..iii)never think in Bahasa and write in English..think and write in English..iv)never give up..
..dan terima kasih kerana sudi jengok blog pakmat..take care..

rizal hashim said...

10 reasons why I have to pay you a visit and show me around Bachok! Pak Mat, I have followed your suggestion on Yahya Jusoh. Thanks. But I don't think I have the power to initiate a fund!

pakmat said... must then homestayed my lah..if you dont mind humble lodgings..thank you on that bit about Yahya Jusoh..having enjoyed him on the field, I feel for him..

Uncle Lee said...

PAKMAT! You made me burst out laughing with your, I quote,....
"gave the missus a fright..apa kena paktua nih?..dengan sarong dan kopiah pulak tu?..(I just got back from morning prayers)..dah buang tabiat ker?..Uncle Lee, I said...,".

ARhaaaaa ha ha, your "buang tabiat" really killed me la PakMat! Nasib baik I did not tersedak on my iced kopi, ha ha.
I have not heard that expression I can't even remember when, ha ha.
Waaa, nama saya pun da terkerluar, ha ha. Rosak ni saya, ha ha.

PaKmat, you are one real hilarious gentleman!
And I bet your isteri think you da gone bonkers, like my isteri too.
She see me laughing infront of my computer thinks I've gone nuts! Ha ha ha.

PakMat, I will be posting something esok, because you made me laugh so much...will quote you, *wink*.
Have a pleasant week, Lee.

Anonymous said...

pak mat

terima kasih for the tips.ain akan ikut semua yea. thanks again. u too pak mat take care.


yushida03 said...

nice info on bachok, n nice pics too :).
i used to address myself as from bachok, although my kampung is actually on the border of bachok/KB. coz to say that i'm from KB is like too trivia.. sorry KBians.. ;)

pakmat said...

..salam, yus03..tengah-tengah..kedai baru ker?..hmm..kelantan menang..hehe..

Shifu67 said...

who often
dropped in not for the cut but for a chat..


..our often heard but never seen MP..


pakmat said...



Anonymous said...

mek nok kelik...sayu tengok gamba kdai air tuak...ngide wei lok...tima kasih...

Anonymous said...

ambo asa pak pura beris...mitok pok mat amik gamba kdai sup belut kube golok, taruh dale blog...wat imbas kenangan

pakmat said...

..anon 12.47..

..pulang-lah..wahai ore bachok d rantau..pakmat belajo air tuak sgelas..

..anon pak pura, beris..

..beres..banyak kenangan kedai sup ni..:)

yushida03 said...


saya asal Bukit Marak. 1/2 Bachok, 1/2 KB. Tapi kalu tengok surat beranak dia kata temapat lahir depan sekolah Bachok. (Parents used to teach there - ma at SK (or SRK?) and ayah at SM Bachok (Kemudi) )

Mu Za Maar said...

salam pak mat, menarik semua cerita2 pak mat...teruskan menulis...

tak care..