Sunday, 4 October 2009 from my handphone..

..Itek, favorite tom before it drowned..

..daughter Auji with niece, Qistina..

..neighbour's daughter's marriage..

..listening to a briefing..gun license renewal exercise..

..downpour in Bachok town..

..Pak Pong enjoying a nap on favorite master's shoulder, me..

..home sweet home..

..Thompson's Trail..

..recollecting younger times..

..Bachok District Mosque..

..a mother's prayer..

..Ulu La Hot Spring, Terengganu..

..Auji, attempting a pose..

..Pantai Irama, Bachok..

..the above pictures were taken over a time with my dated, ( like me) Sony Ericsson K800i children would rather be dead that be seen holding it..but, like this dated oldster, it still has its useful features..and likewise, served its purpose..


hani@debumelukut said...

nice photos..a picture paints a thousand it paints millions!

rizal hashim said...

Salam, Pakmat, or shall I address you as PM? hehe...hmm you own a gun? For hunting?

pakmat said...

..yes, cikgu..and sometimes, even with a million words, this old man is speechless..

Oldstock said...

Pak Mat, I switched from Nokia to Sony Ericsson around 6 years ago. My first SE phone was the K700i. I've upgraded twice. Presently it's a K770i. Decent enough with a 3.2MP camera to be used in backup situations.

pakmat said...

Dear Oldstock..
..haah...I know I am not the only one who enjoyed using Sony today's gen would say, I find it cool...:)

School Of Tots said...

Nice little shots Pak Mat. Its manage to capture moments of life as you see it. Keep clicking your little ericson & show it on the web, the world from your faithful eyes...thx.

pakmat said...

..salam sot..will do..and thanks for the encouragement...semenjak tua ni, susah sikit nak dapat pujian..elok jugak..elak drp besar kepala..:)