Tuesday, 6 October 2009

..just a little bit off..

..a fellow jumaah at the mosque where I usually prayed commented that I looked a bit off.. a little, I said... actually I was depressed..events around disheartened this old coot..

..an image of an infant floating in some backwaters with umbilical cord still attached sent shudders down my spine...a 16year-old lying unconscious after a brawl...and now fighting for his life...these images were enough to break an old man's spirit..and, somehow, at the back of my mind, were kept in constant replay mode..keeping my heart in a tight knot..and my head spinning..

..oh, God, have mercy on these poor souls..

..coupled that with images of whole villages being swallowed and buried piece-meal by avalanches and quakes, leaving behind not a single sign of life or leaf..like ants in shifting sand..reminding yet again how puny and frail we are..but would we remember?...and would we learn a little?...

..pardon me if you see me walking around with a scowl on my face..I just could not smile..pardon me if I looked perpetually dazed and morose...I am struggling in my innards..that I may still have faith in my fellow mankind...


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Pakmat, saya suka hati you datang ke pondok saya...and from Bachok, Kelantan.
I used to stop in Bachok for coffee, sometimes for lunch of ikan percik. Love that.

I would be in KB almost every two or 3 weeks, back in the late 70's, 80's, staying at Perdana hotel.
And love going to Pantai Cinta Berahi malam makan at a restaurant by the sea.
Saya dengar PCB da tukar nama?

Anyway, yes...it is very sad to read, see on TV the suffering, the great loss of lives over in Indonesia and the Philippines. Kesian betul.
I too like you wonder about our live and sometimes the sad experiences we seeing today.

Pakmat, I read your profile...saya lagi dua batu atas you, ha ha. Birth year '43.
You keep well Pakmat and I look forward to see you again...have a pleasant week, Lee.
ps, only 1 wife, ha ha ha.

pakmat said...

Dear Uncle Lee..the first time I read yr blog, I had some misgiving about calling you Uncle Lee...jangan-jangan tua kita pada dia...anyway, glad to find out that I am not the only one ancient here in blogsphere..but, like they say, old woods and old manures make better fires..and I sure like your fire...

yes, I was around in the 70's..a not too strapping a youth..but at a just-discovering-age that birds do shed their feathers if rightly coaxed...and spent most of my youth perfecting the technique..with not much success, being not even half the saleman you are..

PCB is now Pantai Cahaya Bulan..lost much of its beauty due to erosions...and Hotel Perdana is still around..scene of many encounters and secret trysts, being the only hotel of substance then...

I did try the juggling act of having 2 wives simultaneously once..but not too adept at it..I lacked dexterity..and a bit slow in reflex..both with tongue and mind..with tongue saying something whilst mind just conjuring..resulting in furniture flying..

so...you, too, keep well, Uncle Lee..ours is a dying species..so you take care of your health..steady with that tango..and anytime you are in Bachok, Pakmat will treat you to a makan with ikan percik..and bring your family..(with only one missus, I dare say that!) :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello PakMat, I love your humour.
PakMat, I will be happy you just call me 'Lee'...
and I think you and me, we going to be good friends.
I too have a few matured gentlemen popping into my pondok...semua pun with terrific sense of humour.

Terima kaseh seribu la for your kind gesture jemput saya datang ke Bachok.
Infact I have several blogger friends in Kelantan presently, and ahemm, a few are women , ha ha.

Pity they suda tukar that PCB name.
I remember Prince Phillip from England one went there too.

Yes, I can imagine you having fun younger days, ha ha....love your style too, ha ha.
I guess you and me, when young we did abit of wild padi planting, ha ha.
I posted a few cheritas too in my blog of dating Malay women.

As for me, I dated a lot of Malay women too....and regret to say, it was in Kota Baru, at Pantai Cinta Berahi that ended my dating Malay women days.
It was early 1980's...I dated a lovely KB maiden...and it was a bulan terang night at PCB, we sitting down eating those roasted clams sold by an old makcik.

When several I think Religious officers asked whether we married, and then encouraged us to return home, separately. It was then I learned the word, 'kalwat', ha ha.
And there were other people around too.
Habis cherita, ha ha.

PakMat, nothing like the old days...ya?
Today women suda pandai, ha ha...getting married to more than one is being suicidal, ha ha.
But saya suka your style, PakMat.
Yes, bila saya balek kampong satu hari, tentu will see you. Kita makan ayam perck, minum teh tarek, buka cherita, ha ha.

You have a pleasant weekend, best regards, Lee.

rizal hashim said...

Both Uncle Lee and PakMat are funny lah...for those who do not have a sense of humour, they must be fed with a huge dose of Uncle Lee's philandering thoughts and PakMat's unique choice of words!

pakmat said...

..tua tua keladi, lc...makin tua, makin tak menjadi..hehe..so you keep on being good, you hear?..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi PakMat, we are friends, members of Oldies club, so to speak, ha ha.
Do just call me, 'Lee'.....as long you jangan ikut the Chinese habit of adding an 'Ah' depan boleh, ha ha.
Then might sound like I change my religion, ha ha.

Will reply your mention in my pondok later.
You have a nice day PakMat...Lee.