Monday, 12 October 2009

..a matter of aging.. English daily provided an interesting read the other day for this geezer.. and a smile, too..( I had a vague suspicion about it all along) seems studies showed that women gets grumpier as they grow older..whilst men gets happier..hmm..the common phrase 'grumpy old men' needs a relook..

..and at the age when women has broken every barrier (including sound) and transcends every field(even football fields)..they had happily left their nests to become ceo's and coo's, cooing happily as they went..assailing heights that would make ordinary coots like me dizzy..broke through the final frontier and became astronauts..there's nothing that they cannot do, or be..the most powerful job in the country?..nothing to it..they did it with flair and with sex appeal..causing this old coot to drool.., why aren't they happy as the years pile up?..whilst their opposite number are generally happier as they approach atuk, pakcik, uncle, or grandpa status?..


Anonymous said...

hormonal imbalance perhaps? hehe!

hani@debumelukut said...

I am happy..or am i the odd one out??
grumpy tu biasa la...look at it this way, Grumpy is another word for sharing our feelings with luv ones..we get grumpy only with those we love..

Uncle Lee said...

Hello PakMat, women are meant to be loved, not understood.
It's like trying to figure out Einsteins Theory of Relativity.
We men can age with grey hairs, a few wrinkles here and there, no problemos.
But the first wrinkle that appears on a woman's face, she presses the panic button.

But I guess as long as a woman can look 10 years younger than her daughter, she'll be perfectly satisfied.
Or she spots someone fatter or bigger than her.

And yet, try complimenting a woman of 60, tell her she's beautiful....and you sure as the sun rises tomorrow, will get her reply, "no la, now old already". Or "you need glasses".
How to understand them? Ha ha.

But whatever it is, thank Heaven for women, or else what will we men do?
Have a nice day, PakMat, Lee.

pakmat said... may have something there..

cikgu hani..but, of course, u r happy..and I don't think u r the only odd one out..but, then again, u r not by any accounts, old..:)..(seen that pic of u by the fridge, lady..)

uncle lee..after several encounters of the disastrous kind, I've long given up on understanding them..but will never give up on loving them..i'd rather face their wrath, then lose their love..for they're perfect in their imperfections, grumpy or not..
you, too, have a nice day, lee..(0Centigrade, huh?..will give my little finger frostbite..he..he..)

Shifu67 said...

errr... ada hajat nak jadi 'abah' semula ke... :)

pakmat said...

..ah..sifu..straight to the point..tapi, at my age, hajat tinggal hajat ler..

random reader said...

sorry pakmat, first time jengok blog dan terus comment..
mula-mula nak kata men are the more grumpier as they age, well talking fr personal experience :) but thinking back i think it depends entirely on the individual...
good day!

pakmat said...

salam, random reader..welcome to my teratak usang..studies are but studies..depending on parameters set..and I have been called grumpy by my children..hopefully, as cikgu hani said, its becoz they loved me..and a very good day to you, too..take care..

Tranquility said...

Life begins at 40 they say. The rest is up to us.

rizal hashim said...

Pakmat, I've been a grumpy man since my teenage years! Consistent in that sense, hahahaha!

pakmat said...

doc tranquility, ..then I am a grumpy 25yr old man..but life do starts at 40..just you wait..:)..

lc..yes, consistency in men is a positive thing, grumpy or not..