Thursday, 28 May 2009

..polygamy, anyone... must be the season, in the forties, or pushing forty, 5 or 6 kids in tow, looking for a fresh wife...don't ask for reasons why, for you won't get it...present wife may be good looking, educated, presentable, to say the least..and still, the urge to have the second wife cannot, will not be suppressed...some control the urge well..and got away with secret trysts..clandestine meetings..but ultimately the desire to have it out in the open overcomes all..wife may be gutted to the quick..what has she done wrong?..when no wrong has been committed..where has she failed..when there is no failure on her part..she gives in to her anger and fury...when scorn is not the answer..

..ahh..women...forever drawn towards married men...its ok to marry others long as others don't marry yours..


Anonymous said...

pakmat - when pursuing another wife, how do you reconcile with your own children? and perhaps your own parents? - "pushing 40"

Pakmat Fahmy said... brought a smile to this old coot...hehehe...40 is a dangerous age to push...and even though I am a polygamist, I would not, under ordinary circumstances, advocate it..I have posted about my experiences..but then, again, nothing comes easy and you never know until you tried..the children?..they have nothing to do with it..just continue being their father..and around in time of their needs...and parents are more understanding then you think they are...good luck..