Friday, 5 June 2009 son, remp-it.. has always been the rule of the house, strictly enforced by me, that whoever wants to ride a motorcycle or drives a car, for whatever purpose, must do it in the sense that  all requirements as laid down by the relevant authorities are adhered belt or helmets buckled..valid driving licence, road-tax and insurance cover.. including courtesy on the road...

..having four boisterous and hot blooded sons, I thought as a parent, that's the least I can do to combat this rempit thing.. I was a lil bit surprised on being told one morning that my would be uitm student son was summoned by the police for a traffic misdemeanor during a night cruise with his friends along Irama Beach..the misdemeanor?..failing to display the P sign at the back of the bike..'aw, pa..I did not realised it had dropped..gum failure..and I got no money to offer him..' he said, by way of answering my raised eyebrows..fearing my wrath, he had pleaded with the hand of the law...he apologised..profusely, I am sure..he grovelled...almost like a cat grovelling at its master's foot, but to no avail...the hand of the law, having writ, will not be stopped...I can see his anger..and I can also see him hardening up against the law enforcers..he felt the summon was undeserved..behind my back, he cursed..

..behind his back, I agreed with him...perhaps the officer should have let him off with a stern the kid that there is always mercy tempered in the mighty arms of the law..that they're human, too..that they're kid-friendly..if it is too much to expect them to be customer-friendly..

than, perhaps, the kids will learn to respect the law-enforcers..instead of avoiding them like the plague..

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