Saturday, 16 May 2009

..oh, perak..

..Perak has always been close to my is, after all, the state where I grew up..even though I am a true blue Kelantanese, my teenage years and angst was in Perak..not having a father and adopted by an uncle who was in the civil service saw me in various schools with each of his postings..starting with Clifford School, Kuala Kangsar...mid fifties and Karam Singh Headmaster..later it was to be Sultan Yusuff School, Batu Gajah, Iskander Shah School, Parit and, ultimately in 1959-1960, Anderson School, Ipoh..but Overseas School Certificate was at Methodist Boys School, KL. 

..but Perak left a very strong was where I had most of my growing up pangs..and memories of Ipoh remained vivid to this day..of a house in Caldwell Road..Ten Commandments at Cathay Theatre..Pasir Pinji and Canning Gardens..and  Cliff Richard's Please Don't Tease...Elvis' Teddy Bear..and Kediaman Mentri Besar...I cycled passed it everyday on my way to school.. when this 'kemelut' thing started and Nizar refused to budge from the MB's Residence...I can see in my minds eye the house...and reading about the 'kemelut' almost everyday in the papers and getting further insights from the bloggers, I thought what is happening is totally unPerakian..Perak people are nice and generous people...we mixed easily as children..and I know my late uncle get along well amongst,what happened?.. has politics changed us that much?..

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