Wednesday, 20 May 2009

..selfbaked man...

..sitting by the verandah, enjoying a piece of self-baked apple-pie..watching the cats romped... a little bit lost in reverie...trying to ignore the news on Bernama TV..looks like another day of suing and contersuing...ah..the ever restless sea..there will be no winners, only losers..and for Bachok, life goes on.. measured and dictated by the seasons of tobacco growing..often punished by a few days of relentless rain..stunting the plants and shrivelling the leaves...bringing unseen tears to strong hearts.. used to toiling under the merciless sun...pumping water and hope from underground springs...but they chuckled over it 
mosques after magrib prayers...making fun of the only life that they matter how uncertain it may be...they prayed to that one God..forgive me my sins, o Allah...grant me your mercy..your bounty..

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