Thursday, 7 October 2010

..your first.. is generally believed that no one forgets their matter what the first is..whether it is the first love, first kiss or your first divorce..there are other first that are just as unforgettable..things like first car, first accident..or first plane ride...for some there will never be a second after the first..and there are some who never had a first....but in every one's life, there will always be a first time..

..but for pakmat the first whatever came and went..some were blissful and cause of much happiness, like receiving my first pay as a clerk in the Public Services Commission, K. Lumpur way back in April, 1963....some were painful and cause of much losing a month's salary at a card game of twenty-one a few months later..which led to the last time I some first became your last..

...and, of course, there is the first marriage..which led to second...and a do not forget your first when you marry more than once..but you do not forget your subsequent marriages either..and the first divorce..which led to a second...and you do not forget them, too..

..but if I had not married at all, there will be no 13 children...which brings up an interesting question...who am I to deny them their first step on this earth?...


Andrea Wh@tever said...

LOL. I like the last sentence best.

My most memorable first of firsts would have to be the first time I sank my teeth into an ultra-greasy, swear to God, artery clogging Ramly Burger. Ohlalala... no more McD, BK and their ilks thereafter.

pakmat said...

Andrea..yes, I remember the first time I sank my teeth into was such a long time ago..when I still had must be something soft and juicy..wished I could remember what it was...

June Malik said...

hahah ok pak mat, officially, you are real quirky and funny :) i love this posting !

Wan Sharif said...

mm.. :)

pakmat said...


Pat said...

Yes, so many people say that the first love remains the sweetest. I wonder why, though.

Even in retrospect, my first doesn't improve. But he was a necessary step in my journey to where I am today. And with whom I am today.

Nice post, Pak Mat.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Pakmat, I’m trying so hard to forget abt all the firsts until u have to bring this up. Most of the first r very painful & frightening perhaps due to inexperience, sometimes coerced thru’ peers pressure.

Anyway it’s good to try everything once whenever u can or when opportunities arise. There r still so many things that I would like to do b4 I go meet the maker but on looking at that ‘bucket list’ hmmm…most of those stuff there would hasten my journey there so I’m a bit apprehensive, undecided. So we shall wait & see when the calling comes.

Notti u, gambled your first pay check away thru’ 21 / Black Jack, in Hokkien the game is call ‘buang luck’….hahaha how ironic.

Hey Pakmat, as u r aware from my FB postings this week on John Lennon, he would have been 70y.o tomorrow. So this one for you; (written just by John himself not Lennon-McCartney):

Strawberry Fields Forever


P/S - I hope all the anak2 papito would appreciate your closing paragraphs :))

Pill Pusher said...

Ah a winner.

Nice post PakMat.

I had divorce many years ago.. not sure about remarrying now.

pakmat said...

.thank you, Pat..for your first is your last..:)

hi, tommy..remembering the first time you lost your innocence, I presume?..well, its your last, too..unlike certain ppl, you cannot keep on loosing innocence..:)
..thanks for the song..memories are forever, too..:) even after the first million, one can still lose everything..but not memories..

p.s..yeah, I hope they do..

hi, doc..surely you'r not going to let one divorce turn you off??. ..everyone deserved a second chance..

Sir Pök Déng said...

I see no 'like' button on this post Pak Mat. If it has, I want to click on it 144 times.

14/4 was the date I first have a girlfriend and no more after that.

So Pill Pusher has revealed his personal story here. I'm speechless to read your comment, doc.

pakmat said... I said, we all have our firsts..first date and first girlfriend, she was a real firecracker..cheers..and congrats again on you graduation..hmm..I see a second graduation coming..:)