Saturday, 9 October 2010

..MCP, and thank God for the differences.. don't often hear the term 'male chauvinist pig' these has receded into some distant past along with the belief that women are of lesser stuff as compared to men..we do not hear anymore about the fights for emancipation among women..women have never been disfranchised, as far as pakmat is concerned..they have always been my equal..and I never bear them grudges in their fight for equality..there is no reason why they should be paid less for doing the same job as men..or restrict some jobs to males only..if we can do it, and they can do it better, then let them in, by all means..

..and even in the days of women receiving better treatment because they are women, like that two days unrecorded leave for female constables in the police force when they had their menstruation, pakmat attributed it to the differences between a man and a woman..something that should be recognised and given due regard..

..the point I am trying make is this: we are equal but we are different..and the sooner we accept the differences, and  adjust our lives around them, the better for everyone..

..after several marriages, a couple of divorces and more than a dozen children, I have learned to take them in my stride..and arranged my life around is less of a hassle.. taking my wife to a supermarket..she had to buy some underwear..hers were all worn..I would have completed the purchase in under fifteen minutes..

"Won't be long, love..just a jiffy."She said..and I would parked my car, irregardless,  walked to the food court, got the papers out and relaxed..two hours later she would walked out with 12 tins of evaporated milk, several bottles of sauce, bread, sugar, a new dress, a pair of slippers, batteries for those clocks hung around the house and a pair of shears for her gardening..(those batteries I have been meaning to buy for the past month, but not quite getting to it)..

..fifteen minutes later, as I was negotiating the traffic lights, she would tapped me gently on the shoulder and said that she had forgotten about the underwear..
"It's ok," I said, "We'll do it again next Friday." She'd smiled...and I would touched her cheeks...


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Har har har...she sounds like my Mama... purrr...meow!

mekyam said...

this is such a charming entry!

good thing you're a marvel at knowing how women tick, pakmat dear!

but good thing too that we don't need batteries, or you'd "never quite get to it"! :D

pakmat said...

dear mama just as manja?..then you r a lucky bunch of cats..

dear MY..oh, but they do..they need to be recharge every now and then..with a hug and a kiss..but its ok..recharging them is a pleasure..

ismi said...

u r such an understanding guy..

pakmat said...

..I am?, just someone who have a lil bit of experience with the fair sex..enough to get by..:)