Tuesday, 5 October 2010

..susie darlin'..

..those days it is not enough that you know how to strum the guitar..you must also be able to sing the latest hits..from Robin Luke's Susie Darlin' to Cliff Richard's Evergreen Tree..

..pakmat managed by learning a few chords, mainly C, Am, F, F7 and G...and with that learned to improvise and sang Bobby Helms' Fraulein, my first exposure to country music...but for the song Susie Darling, it was the 'whoa-ho, Susie Darlin'..that got to me..a pause followed by vigorous strumming on the guitar..

..I think it was these two songs that started my never ending love for simple, sugary songs and country music..and the imagery that words can evoke..


NanaDJ said...

Yes Saudara Mat, and many of us wished that our name is Susie, nevertheless some used the name as their pen name.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Not Susie Wong, I hope! har har har *evil laughs* Aah...you should record one of you strumming the guitar and YouTube it for all of your readers...purrr....meow!

pakmat said...

salam NanaDJ....yes, there were a few Susies my time..and you remember the song..:)..it was a great hit my time..

my dear cat..you r giving me ideas..if I can get my hands on a guitar, maybe I would..hehehe..