Tuesday, 19 October 2010

..scenes of a night market..

..scenes from the weekly night market, set along Pantai Irama, Bachok..
..every Friday from 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm..with the sea as backdrop..
..children romping by the water edge..
..horses galloping by..and a para-glider whizzing above..

..but for this man with impaired sight..time to set up his keyboard..
..pakmat slipped him a ringgit and requested the song 'Aku Semut Merah',
a dangdut pakmat's era..he looked confused..he was much younger than I thought..
..he did not know the song..he belted out a nasyid, instead..

remembering the time when he accompanied her with some friends at Globe Silk Store, along 
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman..he loitered outside..
there were two of them with their keyboard and bongos..
..it was mainly dangdut..he donned his sunglasses and sang along with them..

'..untuk apa kau menyayangi ku..
..orang yang tak punya apa apa..' 

..and got a ringgit or two thrown his way...


Sir Pök Déng said...

The last photo reminds me of Alabaladi.

yohteh... said...

...uhhuhh... my fébrét song, Pakmat...

pakmat said...

salam spd..lolling around in Dungun, spd?..enjoying your time before stepping into the real world, hey?..:)..I noticed that those with impaired vision look similar..and have talent for music..God is, indeed, great...

salam yohten..thank you for the link..I enjoyed it..:) cheers..

Nana said...

Wah ada horse la...
Since when do they provide horse ride? Love the view of the beach! It reminds me that Malaysian beach is still number one in my heart.
The first place I will visit when I go back would definitely be the pasar malam. I will make sure I borong all the yummy food. Makan sampai sakit perut pun takpe. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Wow! just like a Ramadhan Bazaar, eh Pak Mat?

I bet if you were to don them dark sunglasses and gelek-gelek to the music, you would be quite a star.

Grandpa said...

Salam Bangmat - I'm fascinated by markets too. May post something on pasar ramadhan later.

Those songs must be during J Sham and Jeffrydin too ya?

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wow Pakmat,night markets throughout Malaysia seems to remain the same after all these years, just like time stood still for them, same old same old :))


Pat said...

A beautiful slice of life, Pak Mat.

How sad that he didn't know your song, eh?!

Red Alfa said...

Salam Pakmat

Growing up in KL I only came to see pasar malam becoming the ubiquitous city feature starting in 1970 soon after the night curfews (post May '69) were lifted.

Pasar malam was then the market of convenience and affordable for the new migrants to KL from kampungs all over . Also they came because they were being served their usual kampung supplies by their kampung compatriots from their own states who came full with their pasar rabu ware and fare. In Kampung Pandan and Kampung Dato Keramat I would listen spellbound with the oh-so-many lilts of the Malay dialects spoken over familiar transactions at the pasar malam.

Today I am seeing in KL pasar malam the new migrants from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Burma being served by their very own compatriots selling their types of fare and ware! How the cacophony of voices and atmosphere are changing!

pakmat said...

salam nana..ada kuda..like most beaches..but Irama is unique in its own way..a lil bit rustic, a lil bit neglected, yet with its own charm..

salam andrea..the days of do with thinking are well over, andy..now its propriety..mana boleh orang tua nyanyi tepian jalan..kopiak pulak..tak manis..I must those days..those stolen kisses an giggling days..

salam grandpa..a well known dangdut song of my era, grandpa..sung at every kareoke..

pakmat said...

salam tommy..same old, thank god..with its traditional kuehs produce from the villages..its vibrant..its noisy..and wild mix of smells and aromas..

salam red..they have not invaded Bachok yet, thankfully..but not for long, I am sure..cheers..

sot said...

The blind man can play keyboard & sing. What a gift. I remember at my kampong one blind man so famous with his song "Ala Baladi". His is known until today as Abdul Rahman Ala Baladi. And that song now sing by Hijaz. Evergreen indeed.

pakmat said...

salam sot..the blind are always gifted, sot..