Monday, 4 October 2010

..left foot, right foot and Mat Hitam.. left foot is bigger than my right..although it does not affect my walking, it makes it a bit difficult when buying shoes..most times I ended up buying a pair that fits my left but too big for my  right...but I bought them anyway for I need to wear shoes sometimes..

..speaking of shoes I remember the time when I was in Form 3 and was caught playing the piano in my neighbour's house instead of studying for my uncle threw his shoe at missed and I retrieved it and fearfully handed it back to him..I remember him sighing..'What's to become of you, Mat Hitam..?' ..yes, they called me Mat Hitam, then, being a shade darker than everybody else..a name that stuck among my many cousins, uncles and aunties..

..lately, circumstances brought me back to them.. cousins and distant cousins who were once play mates when we were kids half a century ago,  most are successful in their respective careers, with one or  two of them millionaires...they found themselves in need in Kota Bharu..they came back to reconnect with their past..and though they could not remember my full name, they remembered Mat Hitam..

..and I took them to Pantai Irama, Bachok..for some satay and grilled fish..oblivious to the motley night crowd, we were lost in our banter on times past, recalling mischiefs and pranks..none of our lives had turned out the way we would liked it to..I know they had expected better of me..but sometimes that night, we realised that whatever way our lives had turned was the way it was meant to be..


June Malik said...

tak payah jadi millionaire to be a good person :) lama pak mat "cuti"

luahfikiran said...


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Pak Hitam, so u wear 3 socks in the right foot? :)

I don't know whether u realise this or not, but it's a fact that the testicles are the same too, one big one small...hehehe

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
Remember this song? Que sera sera...whatever will be, will be....purrr....meow!

pakmat said...

salam JM..I took a rest..:) and was busy playing chauffer and guide..

salam luahfikiran..we are abnormal in our normalcy..:)

salam tommy..testies dont wear shoes..:)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

but I bought them anyway for I need to wear shoes sometimes..
Errr....Abe Mat selalunya tak pakai kasut? Macam kita juga? How lovely to have padded paws like us...purrr...meow!

pakmat said...

dear cat..nothing but loafers and slippers for this old are for those rare occassion when I need to wear them...yeah, Im beginning to act like ayam..:)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

i realised that whilst playing pocket billiards :))

do u know why women rub their eyes when they wake up each morning?
it bcoz they've got no ba**s to scratch mah...kekeke...soli I got carried away :)

pakmat said...

..ah, you know tht generally women have one breast bigger than the other? I'm callied away..hehhe..

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear Pakmat,

The last comment I made on your blog was back in 3/2/2010 and your kind reply therein. As Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a month long celebration, here is a belated but hearty SELAMAT HARI RAYA to you and your family!


pakmat said...

Dear Freddie..yes, I remember, and I forgot..typical of an old man..:)..but I have clicked the follow button..and will list you in my blog roll..lest I forgot again..thanks for the
Raya wish..pakmat still in raya mode..this being Syawal still..

hazeleyed lady said...

Honestly...i enjoyed reading all their comments...hahaha
Tak kesah lah hitam ke putih ke...yang paling penting is your heart!
Bless you Pakmat @ Mat Itam

pakmat said...

salam hazel..hope u r keeping good..and bless u, too,,take care..

Grandpa said...

Salam Bang Mat, I'm always fond of family and friends being around - esp for makan. They are lucky to have you to be tour guide. I remember fondly melody beach - seribu kenangan

pakmat said...

salam Grandpa and welcome to my have been to Irama before..yes, we have our memories..cheers..

curly hair said...

salam pak mat,

during my childhood, i was known as 'mek buah cerma' - jeruk cerma was my staple food. now days can't stomach them anymore - got gastric.

pakmat said...

..salam curly hair..we all have our nicknames masa budak-budak..and even during our youth..for we tend to give a handle to our friends according to their peculiarities..I think, for anything else, it is to facilitate recognition...pak him lembu..pakman lori..cik ani gunting..:)