Thursday, 21 January 2010

..a trip, a wedding and a son..

..this Friday pakmat will be making a trip to Bukit Permatang of DSAI..pakmat will be accompanying an old friend, Nik Aziz, a shooting buddy of many years, to a wedding reception at his son-in-law's house somewhere in Kubang Semang, Bukit Mertajam..the bride is his second daughter, Lina...(Nik Fazlina bt. Nik Aziz)..the wedding was held a few weeks earlier in KL..this is the follow-up reception at the groom's home, Razman bin Dato' Dr.Abdul Rahim..

...pakmat is happy to he can also check-up on his son, Amnan, who is in his 2nd semester, UITM, Bukit Mertajam, taking a Diploma course in civil engineering....renting a house in a village nearby, he had asked for pots and pans, forks and spoons, rice-cooker and stove..that he may try turning out dishes at home..and a fishing rod..that he may fish at the many fishing spots in Penang...and we are happy to oblige..

..the wedding in KL..

.I have known Lina since she was a a child she was shy, reserved and angelic..she was the  baby without tantrums..every time I stopped by to pick up Nik Aziz, for our many shooting or fishing trips, she would be in her mother's arm, and I would  pinched her cheeks and commented how pretty she looked..she had always been and still is, the apple and mango of her parents eyes..and I know, to Nik Aziz, she will always be 'My Little Girl'..

..this song is dedicated to all the fathers out there, single or otherwise..
who, one day, have to let go of 'their little girl'..

..after my hiatus, (being  made an outcast of sorts after I took on another wife..friends left me...relatives gave me the evil eye..dogs barked and cats snarled on seeing me..even birds chose to drop their droppings on me) ..I have not met her..I seldom met her father, too..I retreated to get back my wind..but we were that 'old wood burns better' friends..we laid our guns to rest but our friendship remained, notwithstanding....and Lina left for college..(the once or twice I saw her as teenager, she has all the makings of a ravishing beauty..a flower almost blooming)..she got her LLB(Honours), met her beau and got married..and pakmat missed the wedding reception at her father's house..sheesh, I got the date wrong.. and home was a cute country house in Kubang Kerian..

..with all the children gone, Nik Aziz led a quiet life in a shaded neighbourhood with his ever-loving wife, Cik Nah..

..all the best, friend..pakmat wishes you well in your late years..and Lina, pakmat wishes you well, too..may your love for each other grows stronger with every new strength and solace in times of despair..reminders in times of happiness..and may God blesses you and keeps you both under His guidance...InsyaAllah..


Cat-in-Sydney said...

PakMat dear,
You remind me of that movie: Father of the Bride. I wonder how my Mama and Dad would feel when I finally pick my man. little time, so many boys...and princes... purrr....meow!

Nur said...

Happy ending story... sob sob sob
menangis kerana gembira melihat orang berkahwin... alhamdullilah...

pakmat said...

my dear cat...when you finally pick your man, your mom will cry a little tear of happiness, and you Dad will have that whimsical smile on his face..thinking of how you've has grown..and how he must now let you go..

..and have a beautiful thing going over there yourself..and pakmat wishes you well, too..

Andre Nievo - Vermont Weddings said...

How does it feel when you see your son walking in that aisle. Do you see yourself too?

pakmat said...

..but, of course, Andre..for sons are but reflections of their father..and its a beautiful place you have there in's wishing you well, too...cheers..

Oldstock said...


Your son trying his hand at home-cooking, eh? Smart boy... chicks dig guys who can cook, hehehe :-)

If possible, tell him to continue after getting his dip. Go for full degree. Need tips on civil engineering, drop me a line.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Pakmat, the bride and groom sure great looking couple.
May they live a long life together and have many children, a life full of laughter and happiness.

Glad to read of you son loves of fishing. And yes, Penang I remember has many great places to fish, as I had my many memories of pulling 'the big one' there.
Have a safe trip Pakmat, and have fun, best wishes, lee.

pakmat said...

thanks for the tip and suggestion, oldstock..I told my son about you..hoping it will instill some fire in him..a resolve to do well..

uncle lee..thanks, lee..enjoying the view and hospitality here..

Anonymous said...

Nik Aziz of PAS fame?

pakmat said..., sir..Nik Aziz of PAS fame hardlyl knows me..oh, we met, once or twice during my government days..but I am too nondescript for him to encounters after that did bring any recognition in his eyes..price of being apolitical, I guess..

pakmat said...

..and he does not shoot with a gun ..:)

rizal hashim said...

PakMat, so how was the trip?

anneaziz said...

Salam Pakmat,

Weddings of friends' children (for mine has yet to wed) serve to remind us of the passage of time. Wasn't it yesterday that all of us were young?

May the couple stay in love through the test of time.

pakmat said... was a pleasant drive along the east-west relaxed and rejuvenated this old man..the host booked 11 rooms for us at An-Nandhoh Inn, Kubang Semang, Bkt. Mertjm..rupanyer ianyer markas problem there, tho..there was a ceramah from 8 to 11 am Sat..and a bazaar just outside the premises..son's dwelling was at Permatang Tengah..a bit shabby and kampongish, but generally time for Penang Island, tho..

dear anne..susahnya, they seemed to grow up faster than we ageing..I used to have Lina on my lap..yes, time I used to tell lc above, cherished the moments with your children..for in no time they are all grown up and ready to leave the nest...