Friday, 29 January 2010 country.. is the day of rest, Friday..and pakmat gives you Martina Mcbride..God Bless America.., pakmat is not much into the American Dream..or swayed  
by most of the values that it propagates..for pakmat is a proud 
Malaysian..has been for the past 47 years since 1963..before 
that,  for almost 18 years he was a proud Malayan..
..this is his land..and these are his people..he was born 
a Muslim and Islam will always be his religion..but since 
young he was taught to respect and appreciate that there 
are other religions..other races besides Malays..
other cultures besides the Malay Culture..
he grew up alongside them..seeing their differences
 and yet seeing through them..
..accepting them for what they are..
..for to him, then as now, they are all Malaysians..
..fellow shareholders on this little piece of land, our country.. small, that if it we were to grasp it by its isthmus.. 
..and throw it into the Grand Canyon, it will be swallowed 
whole..with ample space to spare..
a Stealth Bomber flying past, will not be able to detect it.. to Martina McBride..see the passion..the love 
she managed to exude singing her love for her country..
you can almost see her soul...bursting through her heart.. replace 'America' with 'Malaysia'..
..that's how much I loved my country, too...

..God Bless Malaysia..
..Our Home Sweet Home..


hazeleyed lady said...

...a blessed Friday morning Pakmat...
that;s the spirit!
Sejahtera buat Pakmat.

anneaziz said...

Salam Pakmat,

The same passion can be seen in Sudirman's Warisan albeit in lenggok Melayu.

Have a good rest.