Monday, 18 January 2010

..drivers and manners..

..children these days take to driving like cats to stalking, ducks to water, hens to laying eggs..they do it so naturally..

..I reprimanded my 13yearold son for driving his mother's Wira in and out of the garage the other day..and it is an old model Wira with clutch and pedals..and he did it smoothly, I have to admit..but no, son, you must learn courtesy on the road first before you learn anything about driving.. for I have had enough with rude and discourteous drivers..yes, even here in laidback Bachok..unlike me, and maybe them, you have a father, and fathers are supposed to teach their children the rudiments of  being courteous on the road..especially to senior citizens, geezers and old coots like me..

..and courtesy is something that is rarely seen on the road these days..

..there was a time I was asked to ride a bicycle by some youth in a souped-up Iswara with a tailpipe as big as a monsoon drain..all because I slowed down on seeing a kitten meandering onto the road..which is ok by me since he could not see the kitten..

..but when someone parked his car just by the only empty car-park along the stretch where you have your wife's hair shop, and you honked a dainty, little honk whilst signaling that his car was blocking, he only glanced at you but make no effort to move.. you waited, thinking maybe he was trying to gather his brains together, or trying to jumpstart some circuit somewhere in his mind before his hand could work the ignition-keys..but still he did not you got out of car, knocked his window and said, 'Mister, can you please move up a bit so I can park my car?'

..I know that another person in my place would just whacked him on the  nose..but, as I always said to all my wives, one time or other, I am not that other person, I am me..

..and you would think that after such a polite request, he would..he did..but he also revved up his car a couple of times, you know, vroom--vroom, causing Chuan, the goldsmith to look up..and he also gave me a look of disdain, like as if I owed him tons of as if it was my fault his wife fumbled at the ATM machine...

..only a few days ago I got caught behind a bus with its hazard lights was one of those Sampai Kelantan Mesti Kahwin buses- painted fireman-red and the legend 'City Liner' emblazoned at the harm in dreaming, I thought... I was on the way was on the way to Bachok, picking up passengers along the way...there was a fair amount of traffic..crowds returning after an evening at the was difficult predicting whether it wanted to stop or to turn right, with both lights I did what any normal 65year-old would do in such a situation..I flashed my lights and honked..instead of pulling a little to the side and allowing me to pass, the bus picked up speed and stopped suddenly in front to pick up some passengers, all the while the hazard lights were on..even an old man like me cursed..and I did..and he honked me as I passed by..and this old man lost his cool and gave him the sign..

..and I am always a courteous driver.. even to cats, kittens and youth who displayed the P sign on the back and front but drive like as if they are professionals F1 drivers..

..what the heck...I do not deserved such treatment..


Cat-in-Sydney said...

PakMat dear,
Naughty young ones giving you a hard time? And only in souped up Iswara? Wooo...wait till they get their hands on my Mama's tiptronic-powered mojo! I'm trying to imagine you giving them the sign with your whiskers quivering. Whoa! So garang looking but those kids tak takut, eh? purrr...meow!

pakmat said... dear cat..who is afraid of a toothless tiger?..

yushida03 said...

courtesy on the road, yes that's what more important than how to overtake 3 cars in a row sort of skill.. :)

Justiffa said...

Salam pakmat - tu kat bachok. when u live in the city, u're surrounded by discourteous drivers.. and when u're also a woman, who looks like a makcik but who WILL NOT take any BS on the road, it can get much much worse.

Kak Teh said...

Pak Mat, I have seen young drivers and been in the same car as one, busy texting messages as they move in and out of busy lanes. That's scary.

rizal hashim said...

1. stopping in the yellow box, thus blocking traffic. contributes to the crawl during peak hours.

2. cutting queue, no courtesy to offer thank you gesture if someone decides to make way.

3. no signal while turning

4. double parking

5. come early to the mosque for Friday prayers and chances are your car parked outside the masjid will be blocked and the owner would only return to his car when its almost Asar.

6. the traffic lights have just turned green for two seconds and the driver of the car behind you is already honking (competing in Amazing Race, maybe)

7. friends/relatives of neighbours blocking the gate...

common Pak Mat, common...

remember I once said why should we expect football to deliver...our football team mirrors the all aspects of life, quality, class, leave much to be desired.

SKMK, hahahaha


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Pakmat, I guess rude drivers are everywhere.
Your parking spot tada the sign 'reserved'?
Can't imagine Bachok having these traffic games, ha ha. Thought maybe in KL or Penang.
And here we get our fair share, but not that bad as what you mentioned.

Simply because our cops here don't take prisoners.
Block an intersection, even though its green, but traffic not moving, and the lights turn red, the security cameras atop the nearby lamp posts takes your car number, and within 5 days you will get an official envelope with a photograph of your car and number and your loud exclamation of, "HOLY SMOKE"!

Its a $375 fine! And no excuses accepted.
As well there are lots of undercover cops in plain looking cars....never can tell whether he or she behind you.

Park at a spot reserved or at a mall and walk out, your car gets towed away within 15 minutes. And its a $375 fine, add $75 towing fees, $50 for storing your car in security can see people on the whole tend to behave.

But I can tell you, Canada accepts 250,000 new immigrants every year, and a lot from Commonwealth countries drive on the right. We drive on the left....and I have many times lost couple of years of my life's balance when suddenly see a car heading in my direction at an intersection.

Anyway, I invested in a pair of Italian Fiaam air horns used mostly by Ferraris and Lambos...and when I hit the button, it sure wakes them up.

You take it easy Pakmat.
Best regards, Lee.

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pakmat said...

yus03..overtake 3 cars in a row..some young drivers here make it a habit to overtake everything in a row..used to seeing tabacco planted in rows...

justi..sometimes I wished I get to drive your beemer..and give those youth a scare..

Kah Teh..welcome to an old man's domain..texting whilst driving.??here in Bachok, they text whilst on a motorbike with a small kid in the basket in front.. in Kelantan, to the majority of drivers, yellow boxes mean you can cut in into the main flow of traffic from the side road without nary a care and we have to make way for them..and when traffic stopped, you cannot see the box for the cars..skmk? careful the next time you're in very careful..

hi, uncle that here, you will find all the people's champion(read politcal parties)protesting and, road manners have to start at home..

mr.goldman..thanks, but no thanks..the only gold that I have is growing on my head..threads of silver and gold..but I dont think you would be interested..

Kama said...

ayaiyai pak mat.. now only i found your lil' corner! linking you to mine so i can be entertained at will..hehehe..

lili said...

Salam Pakmat,

...wait till you drive in Penang.. heh, sakit jiwa! :(

anneaziz said...

Salam Pakmat,

I am sure everyone of us can relate to your post today, and we probably have had our own share of making signs to these inconsiderate drivers. But to be fair, some of them are not even young! Once my car was blocked on a day in Ramadhan, and I wasn't able to break fast until well after Maghrib. When the elderly gentleman sauntered to his car without so much as a nod to (fuming-mad) me, I lost all cool and forgot all decorum and told him to stay home next time!

I guess there wasn't much pahala left for me on that day!

anneaziz said...

Salam pakmat,

Satu lagi...teringin nya nak dengar the dainty, little honk !

pakmat said...

..welcome, lady kama, to my lil corner in Bachok..please do not expect too much..sometimes breezy, sometimes hot, depending on the weather..and I have always been a fan of your blog..stalking most times..

..anne, he deserved it..for manners, like wine, should improved with age..and that dainty lil horn?..only a dainty lil kancil can do it..cheers..

pakmat said...

lili..but I am..going to Bukit Mertajam..tomorrow..Friday..will try drive carefully, tho..and with courtesy..:) and maybe try the nasi kandar..