Monday, 7 December 2009


..certain things make me sick to the core..when I see images of a battered, bloodied face of a 3-year-old girl, dead from battery and rape, I just simply cannot stomach, such beastly acts should not be happening here in our is totally incomprehensible.. these days not only showed the sadistic side of man.. it also hardened us..surreptitiously..for it is such a daily has made us callous...we just flipped casually through the papers, as we chatted with friends..or watched it on the telly while sipping and cosy as we nestled up with our love ones..It has not much effect on us..for we worry more about our world within our own little bubble.. truth, this old man does not know how to react..for I know that for the victims, there is no hot coffee..and nestling up with love ones does remove the pain, or the trauma..

..and I know that merely shuddering upon reading wanton acts of violence does not help to prevent it..

What is it that we are doing wrong? Or are we too apathetic as citizens that we just couldn't care less anymore? If ours is a decaying society than we are guilty of allowing it to be so..

It is the ultimate degradation of the human society.. When fathers prey on their daughters, and brothers and friends take a part in it and enjoy the feast..then, there must be something that we are not doing right..for such people came from somewhere..have parents like you and me..go to school.. learn religion..have aspirations..friends..girlfriends..

..and yet..something the labyrinth of the mind, a pervert lurks..a circuit broken..and society failed..for we cannot detect them until after they ran that time it is too late...

There must be something I am not doing right..or is there a Hyde and a Jekyll in everyone of us..? ..with the Jekyll taking control when the circumstances are right?..

..O Lord..keep me on this path that You have chosen for me..let me walk with You on this final journey..


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Pakmat, really sad to know, to read of such happenings.
Even here too ada such sad experiences. Right now three similar cases of abuse, kidnapping and confinement and murder.
Imagine a mother killing her daughter!! Holy Smoke!
Hope the judge throw away the book at her!

Many years ago I experienced a very young girl, a rubber tapper, abused by her stepfather, burned her with rokoks....I posted that cherita long ago.
Anyway, my contractor, a logger and I then visited him and put the fear of God to him.
I have seen a few such cases before....kesian betul.
You take it easy Pakmat....Lee.

hazeleyed said...

Ass-Salam Pakmat
As a teacher...i educate boys and girls but as a society i honestly feel i failed...nothing much i could contribute in this apathetic society as you called it ...even in a very remote and so very kampung area.
Dunia akhir zaman Pakmat.
May Allah have mercy upon us all.Take care.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pakmat was late , I had a long day at the office and the traffic jam was bad. All I was thinking was to reach home as soon as possible, have my bath and rest.
Suddenly while I was approaching a school I saw a figure at the bus stop.It turned out to be a girl,probably 10 years old,looking forlornly off into the distance.I was surprised to see her alone at that hour in a quite place...

Many a time it cross my mind I should have stopped, enquire why she's still there,who is she waiting and help her to get home. The least I could do was to accompany her knowing the possible dangers lurking at that time and place.Instead I drove past her.It took me sometime to realise what I have done and what could have done.
I have to admit ashamedly i failed in my social responsbility.I preach responsbility and i did not 'walk the talk'.
I read with disdain this entry several times and was greatly pertubed by what you said of 'we being too apatheic as citizens'.Obviously each one of us has a role to play(no matter how small it is)to prevent this unhumanely acts to happen.
P.S. There is a related article worth reading,titled 'Busy Body vs Tidak peduli' at ans sorry I take so much of the space.

Anonymous said...

Just to add on your statement 'learn religion'
Dont't you think we put so much importance on the physical aspect of it without realising the emphasis should be on the social and spiritual development of the human being?
Probably that's where we fail.

Anonymous said...

Boleh tanya tak? should it be unhuman
or inhuman. hehe....masaalah besar dalam BM and Inggeris.Now you know why i dont blog.

Oh by the way are you as eloquent in BM as in English language.Tulislah 1 entry in BM.Would like to know.Sorry to take so much of your time and space.

Nur said...

oh dear... may allah have mercy upon us.

pakmat said...

..hi, is, indeed, a sad world that we're in..the rot cannot be stemmed..and right now, I cannot think of anything that can make it better..
..take care, Lee..easy on the April Fool's

..salam Hazel..we can only but pray..that things will improve..for our children..

..salam aini..everyone has been through that, one time or other..and often times, we moved on..we did not stop, or take a few steps back and do the needful..only later, in the safe sanctuary of our home, do we regret..we have lost the ability to be spontaneous in rendering help..we have to weight it first..
..thank you for the lead on zaharuddin. net..interesting read..
..religion is learnt for exams, lady..maybe youre right.. such word..unhuman..:)
..when pakmat started this blog, I told myself I'll blog in English..seeing there is a scarcity of such bloggers from Kelantan..a post in my mother tongue..? hmm..tengokler..:)

..salam nur..seconded that..may He gives His Mercy..His Blessings..and above all, may He shelter us from His Wrath..

Anonymous said...

Salam Pakmat
Appreciate your comforting words.Don't think we can give the answers,the only way to control it to deteriorate further is only to prevent it to happen.
Thank you for the help.I've decided I'll try to make comments as much as possible as in a way it help me master the language.Hope you don't mind.