Thursday, 10 December 2009

..a case for Tiger...

..friends, I am not here to bury Tiger, for, indeed, he deserved to be buried..neither am I here to praise him..but all the papers say he is a dishonorable man, but I have no reason to dispute that, seeing the things he had done..

..but consider this..he is disputably a remarkable an age when most men like him are still uncertain of what to make of their lives, he has already earned an estimated 110 million US dollars from being the highest paid athlete in 2008.. he was the youngest and the fastest to win 50 tournaments on tour..the youngest to achieve the career Grand Slam..and the only player to be awarded the PGA Player of the year for a record 10 times..the first non-white to win the Masters..everything about golf increased due to him..prize's popularity as a world sport..and he is just 30yrs one or two years..sheesh..after all that, something has got to give..some seams have to break..

..for it is known in the highly competitive atmosphere of world sports, that the athletes are men with high sex-drive..footballers are allowed to bring their WAGs along where ever their game is before a game is a performance booster, they romps have always been part of the international sports scene..whatever the sports..

..and Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods is a highly tuned, highly toned athlete..a superman if ever there is one..born December 30, 1975 in a society where premarital sex is the norm, couples lived together without the sanctity of marriage and have bastard children with no one raising or batting an can marry men..women with women..where sex is lauded as free..and we expect him to be a saint..?..when where ever he goes a trail of willing spreads follow?.. is hard to be a saint with all the satans crowding... me, his singular mistake was in getting married..other than that, he is just a product of the times..


ZubaidahArshad said...

I don't really put my time on this Tiger thingie, but hell, it's not something that would surprise us, with that amount of money, and the fame, and the look, he can play hook and reel to any women that he likes!

A share to his gold pot? Who doesn't want as such?

hazeleyed said...

i agree with you Pakmat.
Have a wonderful Friday.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

To err, is human
To score a hole in one, is Tiger!
Let it be, let it be...he's after all an ordinary man. purrr...meow!

rizal hashim said...

Pak Mat,

tiger balm for the Malaysian Tigers for entering the final of the SEA Games.

tiger balm for Tiger Woods, to soothe his wounds!

with all the satans crowding, yes its hard to be a saint. that's why we are encouraged to stay away from satans and satans masquerading as mortals! hah

anyway, we are mere mortals, Pak Mat, we commit mistakes almost on a daily basis. its how we bounce back and resist the worldly temptations!

See ya, how's Tan Sri Lee canada?