Wednesday, 23 December 2009

..lets be a bit appreciative..

..sometimes we are just not appreciative enough of what we have..we thought others' lawn are always greener, other people have a better life than ours..we think poorly of our own selves, our family, our country..foul-mouthing it at every opportunity and chance..we tend to think that whatever we have, it is not as good as others have...used to having steak for dinner, we forget the sheer luxury of having it..we forget that others are lucky just to have burgers..

..sometimes we cannot see the train for the people...

..public transport in Pakistan..

..pic courtesy of blogger Wakparpu - Ragam Seantaro Dunia..which
can be acess here..


Andi Natalia binti Bongkasa said...

agree with you, pak mat.. :)

pakmat said...

..tq, anatalia..remember to always be appreciative of the little things that God blessed us with..