Sunday, 13 December 2009

..a cat, blind as a bat..

..let us pause a while..
and imagine that we do no have the sight to see..
will we be just as blind? ..
like those that have eyes to see?..

..blind Mekbu with her litter of two, Jin and Jan..

how I take for granted..
this ability to see..
like as if it is my right..
when it is only God's gift to me...

..Mekbu, a week old..resting on her mother, Ayam..

that I may see..

....a month later, an affliction to her eyes rendered her blind..

the twinkle in your eyes as I held your close..
the red of your cheeks..
your lush wet lips..
imprints from a kiss...

..trips to the vet failed to get her sight back... is incurable, they said..

or a walk in the dark..
where shadows lurk..
and trees swaying..
from unseen breeze...

..but for Jin and Jan, she's their mother..
blind or not..

but, above all, that I may read...
Your Words..


hazeleyed said...

Cute little Jin and Jan....and MekBu....they are all adorable creatures...walupun cacat,Hazeleyed memang suka sangat dengan kucing ni Pakmat...

pakmat said...

..yes, hazel, a blink mekbu makes this old man unappreciative we are of our gift of sight..

Hazari. said...

''..but for Jin and Jan, she's their mother..
blind or not..''

sometimes, cats are even better than humans. sorry, out of topic.. ehe.

Anonymous said...

One of my greatest fear in life is the lose of my sight...and yet i take for granted god's gift.Sigh!

yushida03 said...

a lesson in life, from a cat.

Anonymous said...

Sorry should be lost and not lose

pakmat said...

Hazari.., you're not out of topic..that's exactly what pakmat is alluding to..

..please don't sigh..just give your thanks to Him..

..yes, yus, lessons everywhere, if we but care to see..

..take care, all..jaga diri baik-baik..

Justiffa said...

Pakmat, blind cats are aplenty but the way you put it.. terus rase nak teriak :(

So many things we take for granted ya..

pakmat said...

justi..imagine your run..if you do not have the sight to see..makes you want not to miss tomorrow's sunrise..
..take care Justi..

Shifu67 said...

kat rumah kawe dah ada 4 ekor kucing yg tahap habis madu sepah dibuang ni... entah siapa la yg buang...

faraulah said...


Andi Natalia binti Bongkasa said...

love these cats.. i wish i can have one.. just one, but unfortunately, i can`t.. my sisters do not allow me to keep the cat in the house just because they have been scratched by the cat when they was kid... T_T

pakmat said...

sifu..kucing buangan diBachok bersepah..salah saorang hambaAllah yang mengutipnya ialah Tuan Haji Suhaimi, Pengurus Maybank, Bachok..berguni makan kucing dibeli..

faraulah..kesian lagi yang with eyes but did not see..

anatalia..once a cat trusts you, like most cats that I know, they will not scratch first, cats, (toms or tabbies) hurry, young lady..

please take care, all you guys..

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Dear Pakmat,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking good care of Mekbu and her brood. May I ask another favour? Now that she has produced kittens, could you please take her to the vet and *snip snip*? My kudos to the kind-hearted banker in Bachok too. Yeah, never take anything for granted and syukur with whatever we have. purrr....meow!

pakmat said...

..Dear Cat..
..yes, we intend month, as soon as Jin and Jan weaned of her milk..I will post about it..:) thanks for the encouragement..
..take care..