Saturday, 10 April 2010

..these days, those days..

..these days children mature early and marry late.

.blame it on their diet..or the quality of life..or on all those rich food from fastfood outlets and designer restaurants..or on changing lifestyles...girls tend to have their menstruation as early as nine and boys mature by the time they are ten or eleven...

at fifteen or sixteen, their bodies are ready for that fifteen-year old hitting the news for adamantly wanting to get married, Halimaton Ab. Rashid...she looks twenty..and ready for marriage..and knows her mind..and I applauded her steadfastness..

but these days it is the norm to marry late..never mind the hormones or the testorone..or their over developing bodies..basic schooling have to be and university after that.. and maybe additional tertiary education before they can even think of entering the job market...and by the time they can start thinking of marrying, they are pushing thirty..

in the meantime they must learn how to control all those hormones and testorone effect and wayward desires as best as they can..not too successfully, judging by the number of babies found in dustbins and drains..

..those days they marry early and mature late...

..girls are known to start menstruating at 17..again we put the blame on the diet and the  quality of life then..but they marry at fourteen or fifteen, waiting a few years before consummation of their the time their hormones start to play havoc, they are safely married, so to speak..less babies in dustbins and drains..

..these days children are healthier than their parents..they are prettier, taller, better built and sometimes, more intelligent..they are wise to the ways of the world...information are instantaneous..and unlimited..they are exposed to porn their 13th or 14th year, it is at their fingertips..cyber friendship and cyber porn..

..those days children listen to their parents..these days parents listen to their children..

..and yet, parents would rather impose their terms on in the case of Halimaton..we say she is too young, when she is not..whereas those days we allow them to marry at 15..we do not think of them as too young, then..whereas in reality, they are..., why can't a girl of fifteen marry and continue with her schooling..?


Kak Teh said...

Pak Mat it is worrying reading about related topics. Halimah is one, the other is the 14 yr old boy who insulted arwah Din Beramboi in his FB.

The thing is that; parents usually get the blame for their actions.

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi Pakmat, in my opinion, most kids who want to marry at such a young age (eg. 15) are lack of family warmth. They can't wait to change their fate and destiny. The problem is, they may have matured physically but may not be ready mentally yet.

June Malik said...

its not wrong but they are giving up their youth and young life way too fast and be bogged with responsiblity that not all are ready .. some yes, but mostly, no. those days at 15 they know how to manage a household, these days at 15 goreng telur belum tentu tau !

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Salam Pakmat,

One’s destiny is already written in the stars, so it’s really not for us to say whether it’s right or wrong or foolish or whatever. Every event happens for a reason only God knows why.

But then again, I would have got married at 17 if not for Allan Clarke of Hollies;

Too Young to be Married



P/S – Pakmat, apa macam tu Elizabeth ‘Cleopatra’ Taylor getting # 9 hubby at 78y.o!!!! Bolih ka lagi dia ni??

anneaziz said...
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anneaziz said...

Salam Pakmat

As you said.... nowadays marriage is pushed to the late twenties, it's no wonder that many of us think it's too early for Halimahton.

Physically , yes the kids age faster now...but mental equipments at that age, to say the least not well commissioned, I believe.

At her age, I was falling in and out of love as often as I change my I know better and can't remember even one face!

pakmat said...

yes, Kak Teh, you are absolutely right..related topics about teens these days gave this old man the shivers..and yesterday another infant was found in the dustbin..cant help yearning for the old days..of lampu gasoline and cliff richard..

hi, YTC..the mental is always a problem..:) but kids these days..need more guidance than they would care to admit..

agreed, dear JM..goreng telur pun tak tahu..and we, as parents are at fault..we tend to pamper them too much...maybe we failed to impart responsibility together with the freedom..

hi, Tommy..spoken like a muslim..:) hehehe..we believed in things preordained..our destiny..jodoh, rezeki, ajal..long before we were born.. but we are taught, also, to ikhtiar..and I would have married when I was in Form 3, when I was smittened by a girl named Hariah, way back in Batu Gajah..and Liz at 78..? a case of juxtaposition between weekly and weakly, perhaps..?

hi, AZ..maybe you'r is in the malay daily today that Halimaton just came to her senses..seems dia tak sedar apa yang berlaku pada dirinya..sheesh..