Thursday, 22 April 2010

..oh my darling..

..a song from Kelantan..parodising a man who should have known better..I have reproduced the lyrics. and translated them into English..

bilo doh umor kat lima puloh..dega ore tino gah ja re se tuh..
when you are seldom touch your wife..
makane kerah takleh mamoh  gadoh..takut patah gigi bubuh..
cannot hurry with hard food..less you break your false teeth
suka derah derah sungguh..gangga luas gigi plong jatuh..
laughed too hard, mouth too wideopened, teeth will drop plong..

oh my darling I love you..pedih gusi makan nasi dengan budu..
oh my darling I love hurts the gums eating rice with budu..

dah berkedak ma ce ore bujang, bertekok di kelab male..
like to move like a bachelor..have drinking sprees in nightclubss..
kilek anok ayam mempeh..nak bangun taklek gatong ke ore..
grab at girls drunk..cannot stand up, holding onto people..
kecek jugak berhingok parking sembur sembo keno ore..
..carry on with the girls..vomitted in parking lot..splashing others..

oh my darling I love you..paka kencing sapu daun kayu..
oh my darling  I love you..wipe your urine with leaves..

kelik ke rumah duit tadok..teraso lemah awo jadi sesok...
..back home with no money..feeling weak now poor..
tido bawah rumah jenero dale rok..bini dok gamok anok teriok..
sleeps under the house and bushes..wife ranting children crying..
naik atah rumoh tak de nok gangkok..bini maroh nak te denga kapok..
no time to crawl once in the house..wife wanted to strike with an axe..
terjun ke tanoh berjalan kecok..
lept to the ground and walked with a lame

oh my darling I love you..duit habih licin hok tino tipu
oh my darling I love you..all money gone, cheated by the girl..

..enjoy the song as you read my post below..cheers..


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
The males in the household - Dad and Brad - laughed till they almost fell off the chair when we click "play". Bakpo gitu gak? Boys will be Mama said. purrr....meow!

NanaDJ said...

Brother Mat,
Where on earth did you get that video? Needless to say I enjoyed it. Those two gentlemen could give my line dance friends a run for their money. They are so natural...,the lyrics are hilarious but surely men in their fifties these days are not that incapacitated. After all fifties are the new forties!

Pak Idrus said...

Pakmat, thanks for this posting. It was indeed hilarious and it does made my day.

BTW where did you get this.

Have a nice day.

hazeleyed lady said...

hahaha!...funny lah pakmat
tapi sinis gak

June Malik said...

sure made my day pak mat :)

lili said...

Haha, it made my day too!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

hahaha Pakmat, tell me that's not u in that clip :)) Yay man u got some smooth moves there!!!!


Andrea Wh@tever said...

*wolf whistle* Relax, bro!!!! Watch out for them old joints!

Justiffa said...

Haish i keep forgetting to share this with my cek abe.. mesti pecah perut dia gelak hehehehe ;p

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Pakmat, somehow the moves in this clip of yours brought back some memories when my daughter did this dance in her primary school years;

Shake your Tail Feather

So cute when kids does it..kekeke


pakmat said...

..guys, tq for your commnents..will try to reply in a post..godwilling..trying to get my facts right first..about dikir barat and its Thai origin...cheers..and take care..all of you..jdbb..:)