Thursday, 8 April 2010

..death imaginings..

..journeys' end.. matter what age you are, you know your time on this earth is limited..but you don't think about a kid you were busy with school or whatever that kids are busy a youth you were busy with your pimples and angsts to even think about heard it happening to others, but your time, then, was forever, as was with every promises that you made.. with every girl that caught your your fancy looked to the horizon and saw eternity..for a lifetime, then, was forever..

..until you are sixty-five..then you realised that death is just around the can come it did to your neighbour who was stricken with a stroke weeks ago..he was 62..or to that grand old lady across the road, just a few days later..she was 70..or that Pak Haji a few houses away, who died a week after her, also 70, or thereabout..and we had tahlil almost everynight..and pakmat helped tended to the deceases, layering them in white, and soft muff of cotton..before the solat jenazah, a final prayer before the burial..and even as I amin'ed the doa, I wondered when will my turn be..and tried to imagine that it was me that lay prostrated, bounded in white..

..tears and grief will be short..a final kiss to the forehead, before it is covered..but they have to leave me there..within the soft earth that covered my old record that can no longer be played..
..the past, holding the future.. sixty-five, you do not looked to the future..for you are the future..each new day is a every morning I looked to the eastern sky and welcomed the sun..Lord, let the power of your Mercy be like the sun's rays..unrestrained...

..sunrise in Irama.., 'I will not brood the time I have left..I will just type faster'..



June Malik said...

when its time, its time .. sometimes too fast, too soon. live life in full and like today is your last day. every new day is a bonus :) muga dipanjangkan umur PakMat !!

pakmat said...

..when its time, its time, right..and I'm not gonna brood about it..but too many deaths around my kampong lately..almost like as if the Dark Angel came and picked some of the senior citizens..but its their time..thank you JM..

Oldstock said...


Truly each day is a bonus, of that I have no doubt. A friend of mine has departed just 2 days ago, and he was 48, like I am.

Stay healthy Pakmat... may Allah swt grant us the chance to meet up before either of us is summoned to meet Him.

Andi Natalia said...

smile with thousand meanings.. :`)

mekyam said...

dear pakmat,

even when you are being morbid, you make me grin. :D

pakmat said...

salam Oldstock..InsyaAllah..if we meet, we meet..mean time, you take care, too..

hi, your smiles..and keep your dreams in focus..for u still have a long way to go, young lady..jdbb..

Dear mekyam..what? that allusion to a quote by Isaac Asimov tickles you? hehe..but precisely he said.."If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster" I was heavy into science fiction as a youth..and coots sometime takes pleasure in being morbid..:) cheers..and take care in posh Manhattan..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Pakmat,

Tommy do believe that there’s more gas in that tank of yours to go on & on, stories to tell, wisdom to share. First wife (15 years), second wife (22 years ++) and third wife, 5 years & contract still got at least another 10 years to go, then u might consider cashing in your last quota – that’s another 15 years of togetherness again….hehehe. So stay healthy, keep fit & keep us informed.



P/S – Today 9th April 2010 is Hugh Hefner 84th birthday & he’s contemplating marrying his latest blond bombshell… what a guy, where to go!! I know, I know all the makciks will not be too impress with this sort of behaviour..kekeke.Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger :)

Pat said...

" sixty-five, you do not looked to the future..for you are the future..each new day is a every morning I looked to the eastern sky and welcomed the sun.."

Beautifully said, Pak Mat. And so true.

All that matters is that we make each day count - no matter how long more on earth we have. It's easier now that we're older, though. Don't you agree?

pakmat said...

..hi, Tommy..oh..I don't know. Tommy..the tank may be full..but the calipers to the brakes need looking into..can't take corners well when the brakes are faulty..:)..and not much wisdom when most times you r chasing skirts..and I think a good epitaph would be, here lies a man who will do things when he does not have to..and marry when when he does not need to..:)and methink a 4th marriage will no do me any good..seeing the fuel and air mixture not exploding very well these days..I don't know about Hefner..maybe he is getting too Hugh for his boots..and these days, they shoot the messenger, take care..

pakmat said...

..thank you, pat..most things are easier when you r downhill..:) and seeing that you r downhill, with not much pedalling, (hope the brakes hold) might as well enjoy the take care, pat..

Pak Zawi said...

I will be too happy to reach 65 in comparatively good health. That is another 5 years to go. Any years, months or even days added after that will be a bonus.
Meanwhile I will travel the world in between renovating the house, writing blogs and putting paint to canvass. What more can a man ask?

Snakebite said...

i am one of those whom you aptly described as looking over the horizon and saw forever but i am not exactly young. i have to start thinking the way you think. i hope i can reach 65 and beyond and still be healthy like you. may you continue too be healthy wealthy and wise for many many more years

pakmat said...

..salam Pak Zawi..for indeed, you will reached 65..and way beyond..InsyaAllah..and yours is a rich life, PZ..richer and more fulfilling than most others..for in our own way, we are blessed..:) cheers..

..salam Dato' reason why you should not..:) with your ourdoorsy lifestyle..keep seeing in the future in that horizon..rolling hills and sharp corners just keep the journey interesting..:) cheers..