Sunday, 2 January 2011

..year 3000,anyone?..

..when year 2000 came around, I was a bit perturbed..I am a nineteen-hundred man,having lived more than two scores of my life in the fifties, the year 2000 was so very much in the was unimaginable..and here I am, a few months short of being 66 years old, stepping out into another decade..

... I paused a little at the door as I let out a clueless was 6.00 o'clock in the morning of the first day of 2011..there was a slight drizzle and I could hear the relentless roar of the monsoon waves beating the shore...a squirrel frisked across an electrical supply cable, having feasted upon my apple mango tree laden with fruits..I bade it happy new year..

..later, as I crossed over to my neighbour's kitchen to check on their newly acquired kitten, I came across a copy of the Reader's Digest...November, 2010's has been aeon since I last read a used to be the favourite magazine of my school 'Word Power' and 'Laughter is the Best Medicine' walked into the future only to be transported back half a century by a little magazine... I flipped through the pages, enjoying once more those small anecdotes scattered everywhere, my android was a friend's daughter..her female cat kept her awake last night,wailing for a mate..will pakmat please bring his tom, Mokmok over?..later at her house, I glanced at a Malay daily..a 120year-old man wanting to marry an 80year-old woman..hey..cats do it..the birds do it..centurions do it..and pakmat is only a few months short of 66..there is some life in this old coot yet..

..Mokmok..trying to look as fierce as pakmat..
..but I will not make it into the year 3000, of course..none of our present will.....but I have faith in our future generations..we may be self-destructive...but self-annihilation will not be our destiny.. God willing..

..happy new year, everyone...


hazeleyed lady said...

Peace be upon you Pakmat

Happy New Year.

Begin with a...mating season eh?
Well...i have problem too with my Molly...(daughter's cat actually)
had sleepless nite for the past one week as Molly keeps mowing and growling to get out of the house!...i guess to complete the needs!but i restricted it from doing fear of...( you know what!)I have 3 little kitten to take not willing for anymore ...
may Allah forgive me.
Cruel me huh?

Kaira Skoota said...

Nice kitty kitty kitty.....Mokmok you're awesome!! Heart you lots!!! XOXO

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Salam Pakmat, did I wish u a Happy New Year 2011, I'm getting a bit forgetful nowadays...hahaha, anyway HNY 2011 may u continue to share ur stories with as for as long as u can.

Like u, I have faith in the future generation too & is still amaze that I can learn alot from them, old dogs can still learn new tricks mah....kakaka Seriously they r much smarter than us were, just that they still need some guidance from the old coots' experience to fine tune them. Gotta look after them now as they will be the one looking after us in our twilight years. Like the aussie says, "No worries, she'll be right, mate!"


Kama At-Tarawis said...

pakmat, about that centurian wanting to marry again. that's what men do by the way, trying to squeeze the very last drop from that 'fountain' of theirs..hehehe

psst.. but if it's to an 80 year-old,then i may be off tangent a bit la.. the poor fella may be in need of a companion.. :D

goodaspirin said...

HAppY NeW YEar Pakmat.

One sunshine at a time.

Take care :)

Nur Misnan said...

Pak Mat.. selamat tahun baru 2011
semoga impian terlaksana
dan lebih bermakna..

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aaah...what a life for MokMok, the stud of Bachok... *winks* purrr....meow!

pakmat said...

..happy new year, hazel..maybe you should be thinking about having her spayed..I will be doing it to mekbu soon..momok is another story..take care..

kaira..yes, he is indeed handsome, momok..

pakmat said...

salam tommy, my friend..but signs are not good..if we can survive this decade will be good enough for me..

salam ladyK..I think, at 120, he needs a companion to assist him when his wiki leaks..:) than anything else..

..salam say I have a way with words..perhaps, that's about the only that I have, lady..and you r blessed with something that I lacked..courage in the face of adversity..and the will to surmount it like you such time, a play of words do not have much meaning..cheers and my the new year brings you good tidings..for you r, indeed, blessed..

pakmat said...

salam nur..hny..semog sedemikian jua bagi puan..take care..

hi, cats..molmok was a letdown..he just settle down and to eat..I got him home 2 days later, had him shampooed and after a hug or two, started to eat again..sheesh..

jamilah said...

Happy New Year Pak Mat! Enjoying your blog...keep it coming!

pakmat said...

..happy new year, jamilah..I'll try, insyaAllah..meantime, take care..

Abd Rahim Hussin said...

Pak Mat, It's still not to late to wish you a Happy New Year 2011, I've enjoy your rumblings, it's spice to my life. Your experiences are very rich. Hope you be blessed by Allah Almighty. Do you want to be like the old 80 years old man? but better to get a younger one.Salam

YuinTing said...

Wishing you a happy new year, Pakmat. May you be blessed with good health & happiness.

pakmat said...

..happy new year,,.I think I had enough of polygamy..time now to sit back and enjoy others going thro it..

happy new year, yuin ting..may you have a blessed one..a loving and caring one, with you family..and may it be a prosperous one..and you continueto be..loving and caring..:)

Al-Manar said...

Salaam Pakmat. Being still at the beginning of new year I looked up my list of bloggers I had visited but not having done so recently. You ar one of them. So here I am to wish you a happy new year and hope you will succeed in whatever venture you have in mind.

You talk of monsoon and sound waves. It is exactly what I am experiencing now - living on the same coastline, of course.

Do not hink you are old. Pakcik beats you hands down.