Friday, 12 November 2010

..the monsoon and the cup in Bachok..

..almost on cue, the rain stopped this Friday morning..the clouds cleared, making way for the housewives took out their washings to dry, pakmat gave his thanks to the Lord..yes, its gonna be a beautiful day..a glorious day for the Cup to make its first ever appearance in Bachok..and what better place if not at Dataran Perahu, Pantai Irama, Bachok?..

..the Cup arrived and history was made..


..pakmat with the big man himself..he was amused..whilst attention
was focussed on the players and the cup, this old coot singled
him out, shook his hands and have daughter Auji took this pic..


..auji and her mother..getting a ringside view..
..Rizal Hashim of Loose Canon was right...among reasons he chose Kelantan to win:

1. Sebagai hadiah buat majoriti penyokong Kelantan yang ghairah tapi sopan dan tertib.
2. Sebagai hadiah buat Tan Sri Annuar Musa yang membawa transformasi luar dan dalam padang.
3. Alah, NS dah menang tahun lepas, bagi chance la kat Kelantan.
4. Sebagai hadiah buat B. Sathianathan, atau ejaan sebenarnya B. Satiananthan...kerana selepas ini dia akan digantung enam bulan!
5. Sebagai hadiah buat Akmal Rizal Ahmad Rakhli yang tak pernah menang gelaran besar sepanjang kerjaya
6. Kesan ekonomi buat negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang serta menghidupkan pembangunan bola sepak di akar umbi.

..right on, LC..I was not there at the Stadium..but I was there this morning at Pantai Irama..the crowd was by far small, compared to that in Bukit Jalil the night Kelantan won..but this morning, I could feel the passion..for in the words of KAFA.s president..through sports, no matter the divide, we are united..and Kelantan has proven that their supporters make their team into...the red warriors.....


hazeleyed lady said...

So happy for you Pak Mat...your wishes come true.
Congrats Kelantan.

Wan Sharif said...

you seem very happy and proud of the red chance to celebrate .. after waiting for so long.. I will have to wait longer I supposed, for Malaysian to win that Monsoon Cup Dduyong..

Andrea Wh@tever said...

Pak Mat,
Congrats! It was a game keenly fought and won - both on the pitch and on blogsphere.

BTW, what is the equivalent of "Red Warrior" in Kelantanese dialect? Tak ada team song ke?

pakmat said...

..thank you, hazel..and you take care..

..but we will, wan, one day we will win the monsoon cup..

..hulubalang merah, I think, andrea..everyone called them the red warriors..makcik pakcik...sometimes, Kelantans are more of an anglophile than the english..hehehhe..

rizal hashim said...

dear pakmat,

please accept my gratitude for mentioning me in your blog. Congratulations are in order for you and your fellow Kelantanese. Belatedly. In bahasa, Hulubalang Merah sedap rasanya...

pakmat said...

..thank you in return from hulubalang tua, tetapi tetap merah..:)take care, lc..and salam Adha..